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Drones To Spray Weaponized Bird-flu – Vote Fraud – EU Downgraded – Thyroid Cancer Growing – SOPA Is Dead – Enemy Expatriation Act

  On the Monday edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News, Mike Adams, (‘The Health Ranger’) hosts the show. Mike talked about his article on radioactive tissue holders — manufactured with cobalt-60, used in radiation therapy– and sold by ‘Bed, Bath & Beyond.’ Mike also covered the following news items: Ron Paul’s endorsement from a South Carolina Senator, as he surges in the polls in that crucial primary state. Thyroid cancer rates are skyrocketing across the nation and scientists are clueless to why as the Fukushima nuclear plant continues to pump out deadly radiation ignored by the establishment media. The TSA’s announcement that it will test its workers for radiation exposure. In the past, the TSA lied about its porno scanners being tested by NIST and refused to admit to the problem and allow its workers to be tested. VICTORY: SOPA is dead on arrival and has been shelved, … at least for now. Mike also covered the so-called ‘Enemy Expatriation Act,’ that would allow the government, to strip citizens of their citizenship. New York schools spying on students, by having them wear electronic monitors to track their physical activity — around the clock!.

The Alex Jones’ Show: Monday, Jan. 16, 2012 On the Monday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex Talked about the ‘Weaponized’ Bird-flu, that the criminal globalist-controled government, will be ‘spraying’ Americans with, using military ‘drones’ (The Mass ‘Culling’ — Will Soon Begin …) Then, Bev Harris, (of talked with Alex, about the increased potential for vote fraud, as privately owned corporations consolidate and move toward internet voting. Harris is a writer, activist, and founder of Black Box Voting Inc., (a national nonpartisan, nonprofit elections watchdog group). She’s the author of ‘Black Box Voting’ — Her investigative journalism has appeared, in both the alternative and mainstream media. Alex also covered the latest breaking news, including the latest developments on Iran, as it’s reported, that the Mossad posed as CIA agents and attacked the oil-producing nation, with bombs that have killed several nuclear specialists within the region.

The Alex Jones’ Show: Sunday Jan. 15, 2012 On Sunday’s live Sunday broadcast, Alex looked at the accelerating disintegration of the Republic, and the rise of humanity to defeat those undermining the Constitution and, all it stands for. Meanwhile, the global economic disaster continues to unfold, with nine EU nations recently downgraded by S&P still reverberating markets and likely to trigger further collapse. Alex also brought up the latest on the escalating tensions towards war with Iran– with the United States and Israel openly discussing a strike in the wake of preparations for sanctions. Let’s take a moment of reflection … for the system the New World Order has built.
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