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Sen. Rand Paul vs. The TSA – YOU Will Be Red-Beamed Soon! – Out of Control Fukushima Radiation Continues

  On the Monday edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News, Alex talked about the important issues of the day, including the detention of Senator Rand Paul by the TSA, in Nashville, TN. (BTW: Ron Paul Issued a Statement on The Issue) … Also, news of the Supreme Court ruling against the use of GPS tracking without a warrant. … AND, Red Spotlights To Mark ‘Precrime’ Suspects?! East Orange, New Jersey will ‘RED-beam’ suspects, of ‘Future Criminal Activity’ (meaning, before a crime is committed) with flashy, hi-tech police surveillance equipment … (Folks, — You Can’t Make THIS Sh!t Up!) What’s NEXT, street lights that monitor, listen and record citizens, as well as display government-mandated emergency alerts on digital banners? WAIT! They’ve Already Got Those!

The Alex Jones’ Show: Monday, Jan. 23, 2012 On the Monday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talked about the TSA detaining Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, at the Nashville airport. He also talked with the Deputy Leader of the UK Independence Party and Member of the European Parliament, Paul Nuttall, about the current state of the European Union and other related issues. Alex also talked with Bernard von NotHaus, (founder of the Liberty Dollar) who explained his current legal challenges and ongoing fight for financial freedom. North Carolina has characterized the Liberty Dollar as; “A Unique Form of Domestic Terrorism.” Alex also covered the latest developments in the Middle East, as the EU decides to impose an oil embargo upon Iran, while Iran has (once again) declared it will ‘close the Straight of Hormuz.’
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The Alex Jones’ Show: Sunday, Jan. 22, 2012 On the Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talked about numerous threats facing humanity, — from the threat of ‘out of control’ nuclear Fukushima radiation, to recent revelations about airborne ‘bio super-weapons.’ He also talked about his recent article, covering SOPA and PIPA and the ominous reality, of the ‘internet surveillance’ panopticon, as the criminal ‘elite’ put their high-tech, ‘control grid’ into high gear.


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