News From, (One of The Many) “Guardians of Reality!”

Fascism For Dummies

(By Pete Kofod @ Dollar Vigilante)

“When the State ceases to recognize limits on its authority, it is displaying a core characteristic of fascism. The word fascism is rooted in the Latin word fasces, a Roman object made of wooden rods tightly bound by red, overlapping straps. At the top, (or occasionally in the middle) of the fasces, was an axe head. The bound wooden rods, represented ‘strength through unity’ and the axe represented the means by which, authority was exerted by the unified entity. In addition to being used as a weapon by Roman authorities, the fasces was a key symbol on government buildings of the Roman empire, (as they are here in America). The symbolism of the fasces is significant. The wooden rod represents the weak individual, whose sole contribution is to provide strength to the unified object, in this case the State. The axe head, unsurprisingly, represents the force, with which the State will ensure its survival.”
(Grab The ‘Rest of The Story,’ HERE …)
It’s sad but true, we HAVE indeed, become a Fascist/Socialist Country.  … For those interested, you can watch nearly every video imagined, (plus much more stuff) all in one spot, for free at; “NWO For Dummies.” Two of my favorites are, (RIP) Aaron Russo’s; America: Freedom to Fascism & Reflections And Warnings.”


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