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PBOs SOTU-Campaign Speech AND His ACTA — Military Exercises In LA — BoHo Newt Surges, Though We Don’t Know How

  On the Wednesday edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News, Alex welcomes staff writer for the Huffington Post, Robin Koerner. Robin is a (30-something – British) permanent resident of the U.S. He’s the founder and publisher of WatchingAmerica.Com, an organization of 400 volunteers, dedicated to translating and posting (in English) news and views about the USA from all over the world. He holds degrees in physics and philosophy from Cambridge University, (UK) has lived on three continents, and has experience in real estate, teaching and media. Alex also covered the (ongoing) globalist takeover, of the planet.

Google Requires Users To Agree To New Privacy Policy

(By Cecilia Kang @ The Washington Post)

Corporate monster Google, will soon know far more about who you are, as well as what you do on the Web. The Web giant announced Tuesday, that it plans to follow the activities of ALL users across nearly all of its ubiquitous sites, including YouTube, Gmail and its leading search engine. (More …)

The Alex Jones’ Show: Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2012 On the Wednesday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talked with Ben Fuchs, the host of the nationally syndicated radio program on GCN, The Bright Side.” Fuchs is a registered pharmacist, nutritionist, cosmetic chemist and founder of EconoComp Pharmacy and Rocky Mountain Natural Laboratories. Alex also talked about Obama’s State of The Union Address, Campaign Speech and the military ‘exercises’ that are underway in Los Angeles, the rolling Ron Paul revolution, as the establishment pushes the chicken hawk, warmonger and Bohemian Grove Attendee, Newt Gingrich for the GOP presidential nomination.


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