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63 Documents The Government Doesn’t Want You To Read (Audio Book)

  [FS-1] [FS-2]  According to former MN. Governor Jesse Ventura, the official ‘spin’ on numerous government programs, is flat-out bullsh!t. In the book; “63 Documents, The Government Doesn’t Want You To Read,” Ventura proves it beyond any doubt, with this incredible collection of actual government documents, including previously classified papers that were brought into the public domain by ‘WikiLeaks.’ He scoured through their treasure trove of documents, to bring to light how we’ve been duped into wars we shouldn’t be fighting, lied to about intelligence, fed hogwash about ‘terrorism’ and tricked into losing more and more of our civil liberties and God-given rights. In addition to providing original government data, Ventura explains what it really means. Among the cases discussed: The CIA’s guide to assassination. “Operation Northwoods,” – The 1962 U.S. military plan to hijack airplanes, attack U.S. citizens and military bases, then blame it on Cuban ‘terrorists’ — (Yes folks, a ‘false-flag’ operation, as a pretext to go to war). The discovery of a secret Afghan archive—information that never left the boardroom. Potentially deadly healthcare cover–ups, including a dengue fever outbreak. What the Department of Defense knows about our food supply, (but is keeping mum). Although these documents are now all in the public domain, the ‘powers that be’ would just as soon have them stay under wraps. Ventura’s research and commentary, sheds new light on what they’re not telling you—and, why it matters. (This audio-book is read by, professional narrator, George K. Wilson.)
Go HERE, To Purchase The Book; 63D,TGDWYTR!


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