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False Flag Provocations In America – Superbowl Sunday’s Paranoid Aviation Gestapo

The Alex Jones’ Show: Sunday, Feb. 5, 2012 
On the Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covered the latest developments in the impending attack on Iran and the distinct possibility of ‘false flag’ provocations in America, Israel and other countries that are helping them ready an unprovoked attack. Iran has promised to respond to countries participating in the covert (and soon overt) war against them. Alex also talked about the TSA’s “wiener police” as the aviation Gestapo, had enlisted thousands of ‘fast food’ sellers, (and other vendors) to spot ‘terrorists’ ordinary citizens, under the “First Observer” program, during the Super Bowl.
False Flag Advice From The Brookings Institute:
‘Horrific Provocation’ and ‘Tehran-Sponsored 9/11’ Needed, To Trigger Iran Invasion

U.S. & Israel Set Stage For False Flag In U.S. and Iran Attack
Netanyahu: Stop Iran ‘Chatter’
Netanyahu urges Likud ministers to avoid making statements on possible strike in Iran; ‘Chatter causes extensive damage,’ he said
Homeland Security Will Use The Excuse of A ‘Wartime Crisis,’ To Liquidate The Resistance To The Police State: The threat that most unsettles the criminal U.S. ruling class is not the threat of Iran or the threat of ‘terrorism,’ but the threat of a second American revolution.
Iran Vows To Attack ANY Country Used In Military Strike
Hossein Salami, (deputy head of the Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard) spoke to the agency, during military ground exercises, saying; “Iran has vowed to retaliate against any country, whose territory is used by ‘enemies’ of the Islamic state, to launch a military strike against its soil.”


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