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DHS To Launch Insurgent-Tracking Drones Inside America – Rockwell and Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Know

On the Thursday edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News, co-host Aaron Dykes talked with economist, columnist, blogger and former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, (during the Reagan Administration) Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, about the faltering economy, the impending attack on Iran, and other topics.
Aaron Also Covered The Latest News, Including:
Reports that a large number of U.S. warplanes and transports, are en route to the Persian Gulf and, presumably headed for bases in Saudi Arabia, where an attack on Iran will be staged.
U.S. ‘officialdom’ stating that Israel’s Mossad, was behind the assassination campaign, directed against Iran’s nuclear scientist community. It’s said, that members of the designated terror group MEK, are acting as triggermen in the assassinations.
More on the Missouri FEMA camp, as told by an anonymous contract worker at the facility.
DHS To Launch Insurgent-Tracking Drones Inside America: Technology used to hunt ‘enemy combatants’ in Afghanistan, will be used for “non-emergency incidents” within the United States.
Bill Clears Path For 30,000 Surveillance Drones Over US In Next Ten Years: A bill passed in by Congress, paves the way for the use of surveillance drones in U.S. skies. The FAA predicts that by 2020 there could be up to 30,000 drones in operation.
Congress Welcomes Drones Into American Skies ASAP:
Even though lip service has been paid to express minor outrage over villages bombed in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, (or someplace “over there”) there’s been little true outrage by countries heretofore unaffected by computerized bombing raids upon their own Homeland — countries like America.

And finally, a run-down, on ‘Ten Things Every American Should Know, About The Federal Reserve’ and its manipulation of the U.S. economy.

The Alex Jones’ Show: Thursday, Feb. 9, 2012
On the Thursday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talked with “Sam,” an anonymous source in Missouri, who worked as a contractor at a FEMA camp. Alex also talked with libertarian political commentator and activist, Lew Rockwell, who served as Ron Paul’s congressional chief of staff from 1978 to 1982. Rockwell founded the ‘Ludwig von Mises Institute‘ in Auburn, Alabama and, was its president, until the summer of 2009, when he transitioned to the position of ‘Chairman of the Board.’
Alex also covered the latest news of the day. …
‘Al Qaeda’ – The Six Billion Dollar Ruse in the Global War on Terror: Evidence abounds showing “al-Qaeda” was created by the CIA, in order to foment the forever War on Terror while  building a high-tech police state, (as an additional benefit).

David Rockefeller on His Deathbed … 
Leaked footage from a recent Bilderberg meeting reveals top globalists fighting over the keys to the New World Order.

Then, a conference headed by Janet (‘Dung Beetle’) Napolitano, discussing very important Homeland ‘Security’ matters.
(If you’ve an IQ above 30, you’ll know these were satirical presentations.)


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