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Why Is Chertoff Interested In YOUR Online Cloud Data?

Chertoff, (which translates to; ‘Son of The Devil’ In Russian) used to be head of Homeland ‘Security’ from 2005 to 2009, and pioneered the naked body-scanner roll-out in U.S. airports, while ‘rolling back’ your liberties and rights, with the USA Patriot Acts. Now he runs the ‘Chertoff Group,’ a global ‘security and risk-management’ firm, that advises clients on cyber security, including cloud computing. So, why is Michael Chertoff interested in ‘cloud computing’ compatibility with EU online data privacy laws? It appears, that he sees them as an obstacle to something – capturing your data across borders? Let’s see…
“Cloud Computing and The Looming Global Privacy Battle”
(By Michael Chertoff @ The Washington Post)


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