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Agenda 21’s Green Mask – Genetically Modified Mosquitoes For Florida – UN Peacekeepers In Syria

The Alex Jones’ Show: Sunday, Feb. 12, 2012
On the Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex was joined, by author and top researcher on the United Nations’ Agenda 21, Rosa Koire, a veritable expert on the creeping takeover of cities and states, under the paralyzing guise of (the buzzword) “sustainability.” Koire’s book; “BEHIND THE GREEN MASK: U.N. Agenda 21,” not only deconstructs “Agenda 21’s” aims with solid facts, but is designed for use as a study guide and starting point, for developing a strategy to defeat its effects in your area. Rosa Koire, is Executive Director of the ‘Post Sustainability’ Institute, where she studies the impacts of “Agenda 21” (aka; ‘Sustainable Development’) upon our liberties and freedoms. She also runs the website; “Democrats Against UN Agenda 21.” In the news, Alex tackled the tragic early death, of singer Whitney Houston, (48) exposing the reality of prescription drugs, which pose a greater danger to society, than illegals drugs, (and many other public ills). Also, Alex covered the plan to release GMO mosquitoes in Florida, to ‘combat native populations.’ … This marks a new beginning, of actively releasing dangerously under-tested new species into the wild, (with possible ramifications and consequences that are unknown). On the geo-political front, calls for the United Nations to put ‘peacekeepers’ on the ground in Syria, that will further escalate the possibilities for regional war.


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