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Kurt Haskell, False-flag Underwear-bomber Witness – Third World War Looming

The Alex Jones’ Show: Sunday, Feb. 19, 2012 On this Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex broadcasted live ‘from the road’ in Dallas, Texas. He talked with Michigan attorney, Kurt Haskell, who was a Delta 253 Passenger and witness to the (false-flag operation) 2009 Christmas day, ‘Underwear Bombing.’ Alex also talked with former newspaper journalist, (and New York Times best-selling author) Jim Marrs, (author of “Rule By Secrecy”). Alex also covered a number of current issues, including further steps, moving toward attacks on Syria and Iran, (a Middle East war, that will no-doubt, expand into a Third World War) dealing the final blow, to a teetering global economy as a ruthless, corporate bankster elite, attempt to consolidate power and usher in a New World Order, with its authoritarian police-state, control grid.


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