News From, (One of The Many) “Guardians of Reality!”

The Illuminati Card Game, … Is It Really Just A Game? Or, The ‘Blueprint’ For World Domination?

“Illuminati: The Game of Conspiracy”
Is It Just A Game? Or, The Blueprint For World Control? In 1981, Steve Jackson, Robert Anton Wilson, Robert Shea and Dave Martin (freelance cover artist, who later suggested the game) Discussed Their Shared Admiration of The “Illuminatus!” Trilogy. Between The 1980 and 1982, Steven Jackson, (“Steve Jackson Games” or ‘SJG’) May Have Found Something Out, The rest of The ‘Sheeple’ Didn’t. … Namely, The Future Dastardly Plans of The Planet’s Hidden Rulers, Known As “The Illuminati” and So, The Concept of a Card Game, Featuring The Globalist Plans of The “Illuminati” Became a Reality. In 1985, His (Previously, Hard-To-Get) Illuminati Card Game; “Illuminati: The Game of Conspiracy,” Arrived on The Shelves of Game and Hobby Stores Alike. The Game, (Consisting of; 110 Cards, 1 Sheet of Cardboard Counters and 2 Dice) Has Ominous ‘Secret Societies’ Competing With Each Other, To Control The World, By Sinister Means, (Including Legal, Illegal and, … Even Mystical). His ‘Game’ Fortold of Future Cataclysmic Events and Horrors, (Including 9/11) Some of Which, May Still Come To Pass? (I Suppose Only Time Will Tell …)

“Maybe The ‘Illuminati’ ARE Behind This Game. They MUST Be.
They ARE, By Definition, Behind EVERYTHING!”

–Robert Shea, 1983
(In the the rulebook, of the ‘Illuminati’ Expansion Set)
“Illuminati: The Game of Conspiracy”
(Check-out, A ‘Slide-Show’ of, The Cards)


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