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The Raw Milk Freedom Riders – FEMA Camps To House ‘Displaced Citizens’ – Defending Families From Potentially Deadly Vaccines

On The Monday edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ co-host Mike Adams interviewed Patricia Finn, a New York attorney under fire by the NY. Ninth Judicial District ‘Grievance Committee,’ for the crime of representing victims and their families, who’ve had severe adverse reactions following vaccination. Finn, (FB) is one of several vaccine rights attorneys across America, who help parents assert their rights to protect their children, from potentially deadly vaccines. She’s considered a hero by many, but a villain by the status quo, for daring to stand up against the vaccine-pimping medical police state, that exists in AmeriKa today.
 ◊  TOP NEWS STORIES of The Day ↓
FEMA Puts Out Contract For Emergency Camps to House “Displaced Citizens”: Solicitation calls for camps to be ready for occupancy within 72 hours.
Lawmakers in Wyoming, who’ve introduced a bill, that would compel the state to prepare for a complete collapse of the federal government, laying plans for an alternate currency and standing army, (raised via military draft) and, an aircraft carrier.
Rapidly increasing gas prices, signal that inflation is on the rise, as governments address economic woes, by so-called ‘quantitative easing’ and printing more usless fiat paper money.
A new study out of Harvard University, shows pasteurized milk products from corporate-run, factory farms, is directly linked to causing hormone-dependent cancers.
A Bombshell warning from GMO expert, Jeffrey M. Smith, on the growing disaster lab-created foods is posing for animal, human and biosphere life.
The dangerous trend, pushed by the criminal ‘elite,’ that portrays the Constitution as “outdated, antiquated and unfashionable.”
Biopiracy and GMOs: The Fate of Iraq’s Agriculture

The Alex Jones’ Show: Monday, Feb. 27, 2012 On the Monday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Natual News’ Mike Adams, held down the Infowars command post, as Alex travels back from his gig in Florida. Mike talked with ‘raw milk’ activist, Liz Reitzig of the Raw Milk Freedom Riders. Other guests include Constitutional lawyer Jonathan Emord, (author of several books, including “Global Censorship of Health Information and The Rise of Tyranny”) and, a talk with, Ian Varalla — a Ventriloquist from San Marcos, Texas.
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