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Exploring The Global Consolidation of Money and Power – The Madness of King Obama – Dr. Roberts: The Father of Reaganomics

On The Wednesday edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ Aaron Dykes covered the news and welcomed “The Father of Reaganomics,” Dr. Paul Craig Roberts to the show, to discuss the middle-east situation, as well as the devaluation of the dollar.  Also, the premiere of; “New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen” a new ‘Mini-documentary’ by Alex.

The Fake President: The Madness of “King Obama”
It Doesn’t Matter, WHO You Vote For,
The ‘Puppet’ ALWAYS Gets In. (David Icke)

When ‘The Knock’ … Comes On YOUR Door! In the UK, You’re bent over, (your head in a bucket of sand … arse in the air) Convincing yourself, It WON’T Happen To YOU. (That’s what they all think.) KNOCK, KNOCK! Today in Britain, you can be sent to prison, (for a whole year) for Handing Out Leaflets!
Meanwhile, the Satanic, ‘Peodophile Establishment,’ Runs Wild!

The Alex Jones’ Show: Wed. Febuary 29, 2012 On the Wednesday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talked with ‘Foster’ and ‘Kimberly’ Gamble, about their one-and-a-half hour long documentary; “Thrive,” a film that explores the “global consolidation of money and power in nearly every aspect of our lives.” Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, “Thrive” offers real solutions, empowering “We The People” with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future. (“Thrive” is available at the Infowars Store, as Well as HERE) Alex also covered the news and, talked about his latest documentary; “New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen” that definitively declares war, against the attempts to control the population through the fear of false dangers, (ie; a series of ‘False-flags,’ via the “Hegelian Dialectic”).
 ◊  TOP NEWS STORIES of The Day ↓
Psycopath Geoengineers Artificially Melt Antarctic to Drill for Oil: Rosalind Peterson, California President and co-founder of the ‘Agriculture Defense Coalition’ explains. … (More)
Stratfor E-mails – Israel Has Destroyed Iran’s Nuclear Program:
If Israel destroyed Iran’s nuclear program, what purpose would an attack on them serve? (Hmm, OIL Perhaps?)

Torture Architect Argues For Indefinite Detention of Americans: ACLU: “Nothing Short of Chilling…”
Nanny State: ‘Walking, Is Dangerous’:
The state has gone overboard in its effort to regulate, control, and revenue-generate from all aspects of public and private life.
New Film Exposes the Blueprint of Madness Unleashed by the New World Order: Alex Jones’ latest documentary turns the tables on fear: Government, not terrorism, poses the threat.
Ron Paul Confronts Bernanke:
“Do YOU Buy YOUR OWN Groceries?” Tense stand off, as Congressman Paul notes the (NOT ‘Federal’) Reserve, is deliberatly destroying the U.S. dollar’s purchasing power.
(NOTE: Ron Paul, Is The ONLY Candidate, Who’s Been Addressing This Criminal Enterprise.)

Professor: Prevent “Interspecies Genocide,” Reduce Current Human Numbers: Once again, the finger is pointed at humanity as the prime evil-doer.
Obama Issues ‘Policy Directive’ Exempting American Citizens From Indefinite Detention: Skeptics fear future administration could still incarcerate US citizens under NDAA.
17 States, Are Considering State Banks:
State-run banks, could be the road to sovereignty and, the cure for Wall Street raping of the United States’ economy

INN’s Dareen McBreen interviewed Rosalind Peterson, (California President and co-founder) of the Agriculture Defense Coalition (ADC).   Recent research by the ADC, has led to some interesting findings, with regard to both Alaska and Arctic areas. It appears that many government agencies, (and ‘leaders’ within the United States) have discussed how the ‘natural resources’ of these areas, could be exploited, … if these areas were artificially warmed.
(Yes Roger B. @ 910Am, WALTThe ‘Chemtrails’ ARE Real!)

Go HERE, For The “Featured Stories” Archive …


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