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Flirting With The Third World War – Trying To Keep The TSA Out of Our Pants – NY Prostitution Ring: Minors For Wealthy Elitists

On The Wednesday edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ Alex talked about Andrew Breitbart’s death and the mysterious events surrounding it. Alex covered the drones over America issue, and other news of the day, (covered earlier.)
Then, Alex welcomed investigative reporter Jon Rappoport, and talked about the people behind the ‘Journal of Medical Ethics,’ who argue that abortion should be extended to make the killing of newborn babies permissible, even if the baby is perfectly healthy, even up to the age of three.
(A shocking example of how the medical establishment, is still dominated, by the eugenicist mindset and the ongoing globalist ‘elite’ eugenics plan.)

The Alex Jones’ Show: Wednesday, Mar. 7, 2012 On the Wednesday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex concentrated on the foregone conclusion, that the U.S. and Israel will attack Iran, over its imaginary nuclear weapons program, touching off a Third World War, that will deal the  final death blow to the global economy. Alex also talked about Senator John (war-monger) McCain’s call for bombing Syria, while arming the so-called ‘rebels’ amassed to overthrow Syrian leader, al-Assad.
   In the third hour of the show, Alex talked with Jon Corbett, of
the popular blog; “TSA Out of Our Pants!” Corbett posted a video, demonstrating how the TSA’s radiation firing body scanners, can easily be by-passed. Mancow Muller checked in, with news about Andrew Breitbart’s videos of Obama, that could bring him down. Muller Thinks Breitbart WAS Murdered. … 

  ◊  TOP NEWS STORIES of The Day ↓
NOT The Video Andrew Breitbart Died For:
‘Leaked’ Obama Video, Had Already Aired on PBS In 2008!
Will the damning footage, that Andrew Breitbart intended to release on March 1, ever surface unedited?

‘Mancow’ Muller: “Breitbart Was Murdered!”
Chicago radio host says Breitbart’s death was a warning shot and that others are in danger.
Breitbart And The CIA’s ‘Heart Attack Gun’
Senate Committee showed off the weapon in 1975.

CNN Botches Effort To Refute “Syria Danny” Propaganda Scandal: Danny Dayem admits propaganda video should have been deleted.
Sarah Palin Voting For Globalist, Newt Gingrich:
Clumsily proclaims the “under dog” globalist Newt Gingrich, will save us from Obama.
Super Tuesday’s SUPER Rhetoric: GOP Hopefuls Tell AIPAC They Support Iran Attack. (The Number one political issue this election season, for the establishment is an attack on Iran.)
New York Prostitution Ring Provided Minors For Wealthy Elitists: Clients included bankers, politicians, lawyers.
YouTube Restricts Video Of Engineer Proving How Useless TSA Scanners Are: Man walked through radiation firing machines with metal objects, knowing he would not be stopped.
Attorney General Holder degrades US to fascist “Assassination Nation;” 99% response…? (Holder argued that the US Constitution is no limit to the regime dictatorially assassinating Americans.)
UK PM Cameron: Iran building nuclear missiles capable of hitting London (honest, I swear): Cameron dreaming up new stories to sell the globalists’ attack on Iran.
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