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Chemtrailing (Geoengineering) Admitted

“Geoengineering” (‘Chemtrailing’) Admitted:
(Public Meeting In The San Francisco Bay Area) “We Must Remove The CO2 From The Earth — To Save The Earth…”
Webmaster’s NOTE: Without CO2, Plants, (or ANY Vegetation) Will Not Grow. CO2, Is What We Humans Exhale. Then The vegitation Breathes It In, Thereby Producing The Oxygen We Breath In, In A Process Known As; “Photosynthesis.”
Simply Put: CO2 Produces Oxygen — Without It, We All Die.

Sofia Smallstorm on Chemtrails (“Conspiracy Con” 2011) Sofia Smallstorm discusses nano fibers,that are living, growing nanites integrating themselves with man. And, (for your consunption and enjoyment) a new form of DNA, GNA and a third strand added to the now ‘irrelevant’ DNA. And the worst part, much of the building blocks for this apparatus, are being sprayed into our air, via Chemtrails, (aka; “Geoengineering”)
NOTE: Sofia Smallstorm’s Website Has Been … ?

For MORE Info, Visit CC.C’s “Chemtrails” Webpage.

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