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Phony KONY2012 Exposed, By Ugandan – CIA To Spy On US Through Electrical Appliances!

The “Infowars Nightly News” Will Return In A Few Weeks.

The Alex Jones’ Show: Friday, March 16, 2012 On this Friday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks with Sanyu, the Ugandan woman behind the “Kony 2012 Video is Misleading” video on YouTube, (that’s now gone ‘viral’) with over 2 million views since March 7.
Alex also talked with editor, (and journalist) Patrick Henningsen, (in-studio). Alex also covered the latest news, including more bad news about the economy, with gasoline prices leading the charge, as the cost of living and inflation move upward, — despite the ‘rosy’ lies and predictions of “economic recovery,” by the government controlled presstitute, ‘mainstream’ media.

◊  TOP NEWS STORIES of The Day ↓
Obama Sets His WTO Pitbull on China, Over ‘Rare-earth’ Metals: U.S. isn’t ‘comfortable,’ being at the bottom of the global dependency chain, and will use the World Trade Organisation, (WTO) To ‘Fix’ The Game.
New Fukushima Threat; Cessium-137:
Corporate media ignoring major and potentially catastrophic development at Fukushima nuclear plant.

CIA Head: “We Will Spy On Americans Through Electrical Appliances”  A Complete, Global Information Surveillance Grid Is Being Constructed. … And, Willing, Ignorant Americans, Are Embracing The Very ‘Gadgets’ Used To Spy on Them.
Israel’s Liberman: Iran Poses Greatest Threat To World Peace: Israel takes attack argument, to Iran’s top trading partner.
U.S. Sends Four ‘Anti-Mine’ Ships To Strait of Hormuz In Iran: Ships to clear strait, if Iran tries to block oil choke point.
Blogger Who Exposed TSA, Files MORE Lawsuits, Against Agency: Files FOIA requests for security footage and threatening e-mails.
Bob Barr Files Lawsuit On TSA, Over ‘Drudge’ Controversy: Federal agency refused Freedom of Information Act request.
As “Chuck E. Cheese” Goes, … So Goes America:
Why are wild brawls breaking out at Chuck E. Cheese restaurants all over the United States?

George Clooney Arrested, In Sudan Protest:
Clooney and several members of the U.S. Congress, were handcuffed and arrested Friday, outside Sudan’s embassy.

DHS and ‘ICE,’ Order 450 Million Rounds of .40 Caliber Ammo: Ammo manufactured at the Federal Cartridge Company facility in Anoka, Minn. Deliveries are expected to begin in June.
(Are ‘They‘ Getting Ready, … For SOMETHING?!)

“Neotame” – 13,000 Times Sweeter Than Sugar And, Much More Toxic, Than Aspartame: Neotame, a deadly sweetener you’ll never see on a label, (and That’s Just The Way The FDA Wants It)!
See Also, “Aminosweet,” The New “Aspartame” A Neurotoxin, Carcinogen and Now, … The New “Aspartame.”
(Well Worth Reading The “Comments” Section!)

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