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The End of America, United We Fall – LulzSec and Anonymous Threaten To Take Down The Internet

The “Infowars Nightly News” Will Return Soon.
“The End of America: Descent Into Fascism[FS]  
This documentary, is presented by author and lecturer Naomi Wolf. America’s followed a 10 step path, that has led us into a fascist dictatorship. Naomi Wolf, takes us through these 10 steps, clearly demonstrating this descent into fascism, is in fact, … “The End of America.”

“United We Fall” [FS]   “United We Fall,” (A film by Bryan Law and Dan Dicks) is a documentary about the “North American Union” that’s being developed right now between Canada, the United States, and Mexico, (SPP). For years, this topic has been debated in the news and in political circles, as being a possible future for North America. In recent years, the mood has shifted and a rift is developing, between those who want a Deeply Integrated North American Community, and those who wish to retain their national sovereignty. This film takes a look at both sides, by interviewing both insiders and activists, who’ve been at the heart of this ongoing, heated debate. This film, also looks to the broader agenda, of the implications of building a ‘one world government.’

The Alex Jones’ Show: Thurs. March 22, 2012 On the Thursday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Former presidential candidate, founder of the U.S. Labor Party and co-founder of the Schiller Institute in Germany, Lyndon LaRouche talks with Alex about Obama’s martial law executive order and other recent political developments. Alex also welcomes to the show, Joseph Plummer, author of; “Dishonest Money: Financing the Road to Ruin.”  The book explains how the criminal ‘elit’e are using our fraudulent monetary system, to weaken the United States and usher in authoritarian world government. ‘Infowars’ editor Kurt Nimmo joins Alex in-studio, to talk about “LulzSec” and “Anonymous” and their threat, to take down the internet, (March/beginning of April).
  ◊  TOP NEWS STORIES of The Day ↓ 
Problem-Reaction-Solution: “Anonymous” Promises to Take Down the Internet: Ambitious psyop designed to manufacture consensus for government regulation of the internet.
Obama Administration Tries To Shut Down Rush Limbaugh:
Media Matters is a White House front group.

America 2012: What Would George Washington Do?
What would George Washington do, if he found himself today, … In Obama’s “Brave New World” America?

GOP Insiders Suggest Ron Paul Cannot Legally Be Part of RNC Ballot: Rule does not mean Paul cannot be part of the convention, or win in a brokered situation.
Underground Booms Rattle Wisconsin Town For Fourth Night: Authorities bring in seismic technology, to try and locate cause of mysterious sounds.
Mysterious Booms Spread To Second Town:
Residents 80 miles away report strange earth tremors.

‘Birther’ Controversy Back In spotlight, As Sheriff Arpaio Demands Obama’s Draft Card: Sheriff says Obama’s Selective Service System registration, is also most likely, a forgery.
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