News From, (One of The Many) “Guardians of Reality!”

NEWS: You Just Can’t Make Up! (Week of 18-23)

Is YOUR TV Watching YOU?
Samsung’s latest TVs with built-in cameras, spark concerns.

The CIA Wants To Spy on You, Through YOUR TV:
Agency director says, ‘net-connected’ gadgets, will ‘transform’ surveillance. This means, everything from remote controls, & clock radios, can be controlled via ‘apps’ — BTW, Chip company; ‘ARM’ Recently Unveiled, a Low-powered, Cheaper Chip, To be used in EVERYTHING, from fridges, ovens and, even your doorbell.
Welcome To … The ‘NEW‘ AmeriKa!)

CIA Chief: “We’ll Spy on You, — Through Your Dishwasher!”
‘Total Information Awareness’ Surveillance Program Returns,
… We’re Bigger Than Ever Before! (Do You HEAR ME?!)

Project Avatar: Military Remote, ‘Mind-Controlled’ Robots
As Sweden Goes, So Goes The World:
This IS, Just The Beginning of The End ,– of Cash.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Says President Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate, Is NOT Authentic, (and niether is his Selective Service Card!) “probably the biggest censorship blackout in the history of the United States!”
HUH?! Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate, Surfaces In Africa!
A Chilling 1965, Paul Harvey Warning:
‘If I Were The Devil’ (Thanks Sandra C.!)

FBI Tries To Coax Muslim, Into Bombing U.S. Capitol
The NSA’s Building The Country’s Biggest ‘Spy Center’
(Watch What You Say) Never-mind Utah by 2013 … 
Just Check Out, What They ALREADY Have In Place!

Israeli Teen, Refuses Mandatory Army Service: ‘I Can’t Take Part In These Crimes Against The Palestinians In Gaza!’
The Resistance Rises: Restoring The ‘Castle Doctrine’
The U.S. Economy Is NOT ‘Recovering,’ It’s Getting Sicker!
Here Are The Amazing ‘Kiva’ Robots, That Amazon Just Bought For $775 Million, (Yes, You CAN Be, … Replaced)! The company makes robots that automate ‘warehouse fulfillment.’

World’s First: Flying, ‘File-Sharing’ Drones, In Action
How The Copyright Industry, Drives A ‘Big Brother’ Dystopia
Scientists Warn, of ‘Ethical Battle,’ Concerning Military Mind Control: Brain-controlled tanks, automated attack drones & mind-reading, interrogation techniques, to arrive, sooner than later.

9/11: The ‘Conspiracy Theory’ (In Under 5 Minutes)
9/11 ‘Insider Trading’ – The Facts Laid Bare
9/11 Firefighters Evacuated Trauma Center,
Because, WTC 7, Was; “Gonna Come Down.”

9/11: 4th Explosion After Towers Collapsed
(From Multiple Sources) More on This Subject, HERE!


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