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The Timeline For The Financial Crash – Green Climate Fund To Operate Globaly – We Are Insects To Them

The Alex Jones’ Show: Sunday, March. 25, 2012 On the Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks with pastor (and author) Lindsey Williams, [W/S] about the timeline on the financial crash, what currency is a safe bet, and why Obama may not be re-elected, due to his involvement in Keystone Pipeline.’ Alex also covers the latest news items, including the latest revelations on Jon Corzine and the MF swindle, sagging morale at Big Sis’ Department of Homeland Security, an effort by the globalists, to allow their ‘Green Climate Fund’ front, to operate around the world with immunity, and developments in the Trayvon Martin case, as victimhood and reverse racism opportunists, turn the unfortunate death of a teenager, into a possible race war.
  ◊  TOP NEWS STORIES of The Day ↓
The Secret of ‘Soft Kill’ – We Are Insects To Them:
Humanity watched by an intelligence more twisted than man’s and yet as mortal as his own.

In High Gear – Advanced Preparations of U.S.-Israel War Against Iran: Dark days lie ahead.
Nanny State On Steroids – City Plans to Outlaw Smoking in Apartments: Out of control government invariably runs roughshod over the rights of the individual and property owners.
Obama: Window for diplomatic solution to nuclear Iran is closing: Remarks come week and a half after Russian daily reported that United States had asked Russia to deliver ultimatum to Iran.
Report: Israeli soldiers scour Iran for nukes: Israel using permanent base in northern Iraq, to launch intelligence missions in Iran searching nuclear evidence, Western intelligence sources say.
Medieval warming WAS global – new science contradicts IPCC: More peer-reviewed science contradicting the warming-alarmist “scientific consensus” was announced yesterday.
Obama urges China to act to rein-in North Korea: U.S. President Barack Obama on Sunday urged China to use its influence to stop North Korea’s “bad behavior” in a nuclear standoff with the West.
American Hearts – AA Bondy:
Wonderful, (moving) song, from a much underrated artist.

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