News From, (One of The Many) “Guardians of Reality!”

You Tell Me, And We’ll Both Know …

A young woman at Florida Atlantic University, went berserk in class, during an apparent discussion on natural selection, (they were talking about peacocks and how females choose their mates by their feathers, … when the woman asked about how that killed all black people). But berserk might not do the incident justice: she absolutely, fuc*in’ loses it, threatening to KILL the professor, while saying; “Every Ten-thousand White Fu**in’ White Mother-fuc*ers Will Die.” “You Better Shut The Fuc*up, Before I Fuc*ing KILL You,” she can be seen/heard screaming at the professor, (while violently whipping her head/hair back and forth). The rant lasts about four (bizarre) minutes, eventualy turning violent. At one point, she strikes a male student in the head, after call him a “bitch,” then assaults someone else, who attempts to calm the situation down. … Here’s A “Start Page” Search,
(Just In Case, ‘They’ Attempt To “Scrub” It.)

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