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Yes Folks, Weather Weapons ARE Real! – Pastor Williams Is Back – Sheriff Joe and The PBO Identity Fraud

On The Wednesday edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ Alex covers the news of the ‘Hutaree’ militia, acquitted in federal court of ‘terrorism’ charges, because the government didn’t have evidence they planned to kill a police officer and bomb a funeral. (Keith Olbermann and SPLC’s Mark Potok, used government’s fallacious case to demonize patriots.) Other news of the day is also covered. … Then, Alex welcomes David Icke [W/S] to the show.

The Alex Jones’ Show: Wed. March 27, 2012 On the Wednesday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks with investigator Bob Fletcher, [W/S] about weather weapons. Fletcher was interviewed during the Iran-Contra hearings and was a deposed witness for the Christic Institute’s 24 million dollar legal proceedings, against the ‘Iran-Contra’ lineup. He’s a founding member of the Militia of Montana. Alex also continues his discussion with pastor Lindsey Williams. In his Sunday, March 25th interview with Alex, Williams talked about the impending financial crash, what currency is a safe bet, and why Obama may not be re-elected due to his involvement in Keystone Pipeline. Also, Maricopa County Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Latest Revelations, That Will Be Known In History, AsThe Barack Hussein Obama II, Identity Fraud.
   ◊  TOP NEWS STORIES of The Day  ↓ 
Rep. Bobby Rush, Wears ‘Hoodie,’ (in House) in ‘Solidarity’ with Trayvon Martin Hoax: State criminal case, takes over the lower House, interrupting the business of the American people.
Fed Boss Bernanke, Promises Record High Gas Prices Through The Summer: Devalued dollar and Fed monetary policy responsible for record gas prices.
TSA Caught In More Blatant Lies, To Cover Its Own Back:
Claims non-prohibited items were never confiscated, (despite multiple accounts) proving they were, (in FACT) ‘confiscated.’

Senator: Supreme Court would allow ‘an all powerful government’ by upholding Obamacare: The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing arguments about Obama’s health care law, challenged by twenty-six states.
Barack Obama: I Have A “Moral Obligation” To Neuter America:
Barack Obama actually plans to do it.

Here Are Seven MORE Things, The Obama Administration May Soon Require, EVERYONE To Purchase: The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing arguments this week about Obama’s health care law, which has been challenged by twenty-six states.
“This Is A Train Wreck For The Obama Administration!”:
Lawyer, author, (and legal analyst) Jeff Toobin, says ‘Obamacare,’ is in big trouble.

Mysterious ‘Booms’ Return To Clintonville – And, They’re Even LOUDER: Dozens of reports overnight, puts ‘earthquake’ explanation in serious doubt.
Seismometer Station Rules Out ‘Earthquakes,’ As Cause of Clintonville Booms: Data contradicts official explanation for mysterious sounds.
Deep Secrets of; “The Hunger Games”

In many respects, we already live in the authoritarian high-tech dictatorship of “Panem,” as decribed described in the film. “The Hunger Games,” shows us what we have to look forward to, if we don’t turn things around. It’s interesting “The Hunger Games” author, Suzanne Collins, gave her dystopian nation an appropriate name; “Panem,” from the Latin phrase; “Panem et Circenses,” (Bread and Circuses). It was the basic Roman recipe, for the required amusement and, distraction of the masses, existing within a military dictatorship.
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