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SPLC’s Potok Says, No Hate Speech Coming From Black Panther Party – Agenda 21, The Nose Under The Tent

On The Tuesday edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ Aaron Dykes covers the news, including an interview with ‘Infowars’ journalist and editor, Patrick Henningsen, regarding a strange, (unfair) revelation from Mark Potok, (of the “Southern Poverty Law Center”) Who contends, there is no hate speech … at least when it comes from the New Black Panther Party. Aaron also welcomes Jon Corbett [W/S] to discuss the new ‘brown shirts’ known as the TSA. Then, Rob Dew interviews Natural News‘ Mike Adams, about (the unconstitutional) Agenda 21.

The Alex Jones’ Show: Tuesday, April 10, 2012   On this Tuesday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Mike Adams hosts the show and talks with trial lawyer, former FBI agent, police officer, detective, SWAT team member, undercover operative and private investigator, Dale Carson, [W/S] who now defends clients against unfair charges. He’s the author of; Arrest-Proof Yourself (required reading for anyone wanting to avoid unnecessary ‘interactions’ with the law). Other guests include James Stewart, owner of Rawsome Foods, who was arrested for the crime of selling unpasteurized goat milk, goat cheese, yogurt and kefir, and Mark Baker, a Michigan farmer, (owner of; “Baker’s Green Acres” Farm) who is locked in a battle with Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) over “Invasive Species Order.” journalist and editor Patrick Henningsen files a report about the Trayvon Martin case and the manufactured race war coming out of the White House and sensationalized by the establishment media.
◊  TOP NEWS STORIES of The Day  ↓  
Zimmerman Will NOT Be Arrested, Or Prosecuted For Homicide: Infowars has been given exclusive new insights into where the George Zimmerman case is really heading.
Trayvon Martin: Disinformation, Fake Reporting Fuelling The Illusion Of An ‘American Race War’: Reports of ‘Neo-Nazis’ in Sanford, have been greatly exaggerated, … However, The Trayvon Media Circus, STILL Runs Wild.
Trayvon Martin Case: George Zimmerman’s Attorneys Quit, Say Client Disappeared: Zimmerman’s attorneys said in a press conference, that they will no longer be representing him. The attorneys claim that Zimmerman repeatedly rebuffed their legal advice, and … they’ve now lost contact with him.
Obama Invests $5 Million In Bullshit Energy:
Sorry folks. We Only WISH This Was A Joke.
The West is Committing Suicide: Alex Jones Reports on ‘RT’: A group of researchers from MIT, have predicted that a global great depression will be upon us by 2030. (Read Article: “MIT Predicts Half of Humanity to Be Culled in Post-Industrial Crash”)
California Declares War On Family Homes, … To ‘Save The Planet’:
Detached houses virtually “illegal” under global warming laws.
CISPA: Congress Takes ‘Another Run’ At The Internet: Government’s been busy creating a new law, to “protect” us, from ‘cyber-attacks’ like the one recently threatened by “Anonymous.”
Mars Attacks: Military Prof Says Pentagon Has Plan to Fight Aliens: ‘Elite’ are ‘dusting off’ the alien invasion story, in their frantic, (desperate) push, — for World Government.
City of Roswell, Georgia, Bullies Andrew Wordes To Death, … Over His Backyard Chickens: An innocent man, (legally raising a few dozen chickens and other small birds in the backyard of his suburban Atlanta home) is now dead, following a crusade of ‘green’ terrorism.
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