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New Banker Bailout To Be Funded By Giant Tax Hikes – Owe The IRS? You’re Not Going Anywhere!

The Alex Jones’ Show: Sunday, April 15, 2012 On the Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex discusses the cashless control grid, that’s been brought to life, (to control the population) with focus on the latest efforts to tie tax delinquency to travel bans. As the IRS filing deadline looms, Americans may be more under their thumb than ever, if Senate Bill 1813 is passed and the feds are given the power to revoke passports, (or fail to issue them) if back taxes are owed. Meanwhile, the Buffett Rule is exposed, as another deception to squeeze the middle class and Nouveau riche, while buffering the loopholes for offshore globalist powers who now control the system. Alex further discusses the latest attacks in Afghanistan and more.
◊  TOP NEWS STORIES of The Day  ↓
•  New Banker “Bailout” To Be Funded By Giant Tax Hikes:
Help stop the criminal scam that is the Warren Buffet Rule!

 Owe The IRS? You’re Not Going Anywhere:
New bill could allow the federal government to prevent Americans who owe back taxes from leaving the country.

 Presidential Advisor Confirms ‘Elite’s’ Occultic Rituals:
We tend to forget just how strange the criminal elite really are.

 Taliban ‘Tet Offensive’ Hits Multiple Afghan Cites, US, German Embassies on Lockdown: Afghan resistance attacks were coordinated, causing worry among US and NATO occupiers.
 Activists Plan Week of Protests Against New House “Cybersecurity” legislation: Activists are planning protests against Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA).
 Merck Baldness Drugs Destroy Sperm, Cause Infertility and Ejaculation Disorders, Even After You Stop Using Them: Hey! Looking for a way to ruin your sex life and become infertile?
 Why The Market Is Slowly Dying: What happens in a world where the very core of the capital markets system is gradually deleveraging to a point where the orderly becomes impossible?
 Help Bring War Criminal Obama To Justice:
Help get this video out to everyone you know and help make impeachment an election issue in 2012!
 Video of Boy Shocked 31 Times, For ‘Not Removing His Jacket’:
Staff members laughed, as Andre McCollins was tortured by electrodes, terrorized and abused. “I had no idea, no idea, that they tortured the children in the school” said mothr, Cheryl McCollins. (The 2002 aversive shock “treatments” continued all day, …
With No Food, Water, or Bathroom Breaks.)

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