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TSA Treats 95-Year-Old Wheelchair-Bound Veteran as a Terrorist, Steals $300 Dollars

Wheelchair-bound, 95-year-old (U.S. combat veteran) Omer Petti and his 85-year-old partner, Madge Woodward, were treated like U.S. State-sponsored terrorists, by TSA agents, at San Diego International airport, (ostensibly so) TSA workers stole, (or ‘separated them from)$300 dollars in cash, “Can you imagine an 85-year-old lady and 95-year-old retired Air Force Major in wheelchairs being treated like terrorists?” Petti asked the Detroit News’ Marney Keenan. Given the TSA’s recent history – yes – veterans and old people are two of the federal agency’s primary targets and are routinely subjected to intense harassment and abuse. (Read All About This Tyranny-based Terrorism, HERE!)


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