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Tasered To Death: Should All Be Afraid of The Cops?

There’s strong concern, over how far (and with how much immunity) police can push their sweeping powers. A recent human rights group report, blamed Law Enforcement Officers, For Tasering Over 500 People To Death, Over The Last Decade. Tim Cavanaugh, (managing director of Reason.Com) says for Americans, the first reaction to police is fear, … rather than trust.
Read RT Article: Tasers Have Killed At Least 500 Americans

 17 Year-old Tasered To Death By Cops
Healthy 28-Yr-Old Tasered By Cops Has Heart Attack — When Will Police Stop Using This Lethal Weapon?
Anti-Pesticide Activist, Tasered by Oregon Cops
Disabled Man Tasered To Death For Falling Off Bike
Autopsy Declares “Natural Death” For Man Tasered 4 Times  
No Justice For Florida Woman Tasered To Brain Death
Man Dies After Being Tasered 34 Times
Tasering poses great risk to child’s heart, expert witness says
Man Locked In His House, Then Burned To Death, In Foreclosure Eviction Shoot-out With Cops


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