News From, (One of The Many) “Guardians of Reality!”

FEMA Camps ARE Real … (Not Happy With The Way Things Are? YOU Will Be In One Soon.)

PLEASE NOTE: Ex-Stasi, (Spy Chief) Markus Wolf, and Russian, (KGB General) Yevgeny Primakov, Were Hired By The U.S. Government, — To ‘Set-Up’ The Re-Education Camps, as well as, The Department of Homeland Security Here, In These United States of America. (Welcome To, … The Fourth Reich.) Think It Can’t Happen Here?  … Sorry, Too Late … It’s ALREADY Here!
Camp FEMA: “American Lockdown”

Camp FEMA 2: “Enemy of The State”

“Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA”

A Little Extra GOODY,”   It’s Ok, Go Ahead, … Laugh and Snicker … It’s Funny ……. Right?

Congressman, Steve Cohen of TN. Tries To Lie, …
(About the very bill)
 HE Co-sponsored;  HR: 645 (Nice Try!)
REALY?!  “Green Monsters?” REALLY?! Is THIS The BEST You Can Come Up With? (What a Condescending, Lying A-Hole!)

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