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CIA Catches Itself. In New Underwear Bomb Plot – FBI “Domestic Terrorist” Raid In Florida … Right Out of Central Casting – Gulf Seafood Mutations and Death

On this Tuesday evening edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ Alex covers the latest news of the day, including the bogus CIA ‘thwarted’ attack, of yet another Underwear Bomber,” the FBI raid in Florida, of a suspected Domestic Terrorist group and more. Then Alex features a speech in Texas, by candidate Ron Paul. Next, Alex welcomes ex-NSA ‘spook,’ Wayne Madsen to the show, to talk about the mass-deaths and mutations of sea-life in the gulf of Mexico, as a direct result of the BP oil spill chemicles, (Corexit EC9500A and EC9527A) that were used, to cover-up the catastrophic ‘Deepwater Horizon’ oil gusher. They also talk about the death of Andrew Breitbart and his coroner.

The Alex Jones’ Show: Tuesday, May 8, 2012 On this Tuesday edition of the Alex Jones’ Show, Alex covers a number of important and breaking news stories, including the curious disappearance of a key witness in the death of establishment gadfly Andrew Breitbart, growing outrage and opposition to the government’s CISPA internet censorship legislation, and a new underwear bomber patsy proffered by the CIA in the government’s war on terror.  
  ◊      TOP NEWS STORIES of The Day    ↓    
‘Club of Rome’ Report: We Are Doomed – New document calls for world governance to solve non-existent climate change.
“Occupy Bilderberg” Gathers Steam: Massive activist effort to spotlight the criminal/secretive global elite.
Fulerton, CA Police Dept. Murder Unarmed Homeless Man: Shocking video rocked the city of Fulerton, CA in a preliminary hearing trying two officers for beating and tasering an unarmed homeless man to death.
CIA Bomb Plot: Get Ready for New Intrusive Airport “Security”
Suspicious incident will be used to subject air travelers to additional mandatory government molestation.
                  MEANWHILE …
Diabetic Girl’s $10,000 Insulin Pump, Ruined By Radiation From TSA Body Scanner: Agents then demanded a ‘pat-down,’ to make sure her fruit juice & insulin were “not explosive.”  
The Charmed Life of Julia, The Government Serf:
Obama campaign released an online tool called The Life of Julia. (Obama declares himself President for Life, as ‘Julia’ is coddled by the ‘Dear Leader,’ from cradle to grave.)

Only Eyewitness to Breitbart’s Death Disappears: Forensic technician died from suspected arsenic poisoning last month.
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