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For Fun, Police Torture And Beat Schizophrenic Homeless Man To Death – 18-Month-Old Toddler Terrorist, On “No Fly” List – Open Borders, Special Report: Fast and Furious

On this Thursday evening edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ INN reporter from the UK, Paul Joseph Watson covers the news of the day, including; For Fun, Fullerton, California Police, Tortured And Beat Kelly Thomas, (A Schizophrenic, Homeless Man) To Death. The bombings in Syria and the UK’s Independence Party, (UKIP) Nigel Farage, warns of the re-emergence of National Socialism, and SOYLENT Pepsi, are covered as well. Then, Rob Dew welcomes Patrick Henningsen, premiering his new documentary; Open Borders, Special Report: Fast and Furious.

The Alex Jones’ Show: Thursday, May 10, 2012
[Will Post Video When, (or IF) Available]
On this Thursday edition of the Alex Jones’ Show, Alex talks with American music legend and true Americana patriot, Charlie Daniels. [W/S] about Agenda 21 and the United Nations takeover of America. He also reveals the real story behind his classic song, The Devil Went Down to Georgia. Additional guests include Lew Rockwell, political commentator, proponent of the Austrian School of economics, and chairman of the Ludwig von Mises Institute.
Alex also talks with New World Order researcher and expert on the subject of ‘globalism’  Alan Watt [W/S].

◊      TOP NEWS STORIES of The Day     ↓  

Police Torture And Beat Homeless Man To Death — For Fun:
Psychopathic cops, ‘normalizing’ what went on, At ‘Abu-Ghraib’ U.S. Based, Torture Prison, (HERE Now, … In America)!
TSA Toddler Terror: Family Marched Off Plane; 18-Month-Old, On “No Fly” List: Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents at Fort Lauderdale Airport, insist that  eighteen month-old toddler, is on a no fly list as a TERRORIST SUSPECT.
Media Spins Wild “Conspiracy Theories,” To Sell NATO Attack on Syria: The establishment media has once again, turned over its entire news coverage of the bombing in Damascus, to dubious – mindless ‘Twitter’ users.
Austin ‘Lotto Winner,’ Uses Jackpot, to Create Ad, Exposing Treasonous, “Agenda 21” Councilman: Campaign observers note “weird” ad, ‘produced by an individual,’ exposing hypocritical candidate. (Good For Them!)
UK’s Nigel Farage: “We Face The Prospect of Mass Civil Unrest In Europe” UKIP leader warns, of “re-emergence of National Socialism.” [For those of you who are like ‘mushrooms in the dark’ … National Socialism, means: NAZI or, (Nationalsozialismus), Just So You Know …]
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