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Fukushima Daiichi, Nuclear Power Plant and Monsanto’s Marriage To The FDA: What The Government’s NOT Telling You!

On this Friday evening edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ Mike Adams, the Health Ranger,” (from Natural News) covers the latest news of the day, including; The 12 Things That REALLY Threaten Humanity. Later in the show, Mike interviews Anthony Gucciardi of Natural Society. Mike and Anthony discuss Monsanto and how they’re destroying the food supply and uncover ‘never before seen’ documents from Monsanto, exposing their rampant and widespread corruption and disregard for human health. … In addition, they cover many startling topics on the serious negative impact of Monsanto’s genetically modified creations.
S.O.S. “Help STOP Out-of-control Science, From Destroying Us All! The human race is gravely threatened by out-of-control science, that has already begun to reveal alarming unintended consequences across our planet.
Natural News Article: Fukushima Haunts The World
Natural News’ GMO News, Articles & Information  

The Alex Jones’ Show: Friday, May 11, 2012 On this Friday edition of the Alex Jones’ Show, Natural News’ Mike Adams, presents a Fukushima ‘mega-meltdown’ special. Mike talks with Arnie Gundersen, the chief engineer of energy consulting company ‘Fairewinds Associates’ as well as a former ‘nuclear power industry’ executive. Mr. Gundersen continues to warn us about the cataclysmic potential, of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant and how there’s a new warning, about serious problems, at the ‘San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station’ (SONGS) in San Diego California. Mike also talks with Dr. Len Saputo, [W/S] a board certified doctor of internal medicine and the founder of the Health Medicine Forum, (a non-profit educational foundation). Dr. Saputo talks about health issues, related to the Fukushima disaster. Mike interviews Melinda Olson, a Minnesota mom, who received a harassing letter from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture for allegedly violating food-handling regulations. … Melinda says she plans to ignore the state’s Department of Agriculture warning.
◊      TOP NEWS STORIES of The Day    ↓  
Cop Kicks Pregnant Woman In The Stomach; Superiors Approve: Supervisors squashed investigation, described actions as within department policy.
Geraldo Rivera: I Was “Raped” By The TSA:
Fox News Host Was Put On The No Fly List.
Air Force Document: Drones Can Be Used To Spy On Americans:
“Incidental” surveillance data, can be held for 90 days.
Garbage Truck Drivers and ‘Landscapers’ Hired To ‘Snoop’ For The Cops: Funded by funds ‘seized’ during drug investigations.
The Disturbing Psychopathology of the Obama Re-election Campaign: Obama has little to run on – and seemingly fewer supporters, these days.
Obama Is NOT“Socialist.” He’s a Teleprompter Reader For Goldman Sachs:  Bruce Johnston, a member of the Beach Boys,” spoke his mind recently about Obama and Romney.
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