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“Open Borders: Fast and Furious” (A mini-Documentary) And The U.S. Government’s Drug Trade

“Open Borders: Fast and Furious” Patrick Henningson, interviews elected state officials in Arizona, providing a broad primer, to the Fast & Furious scandal, that’s been going on, (under many different names) for decades.
The “Fast & Furious” scandal, Is Only HALF of The Story:
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Drug Smuggling: Fast and Furious
(It’s NOT, Just About Criminal ‘Gun-Running’ To Mexico!)
CIA Drug Smuggling Operations: South East Asia, South America and Afghanistan: The REAL Drug Lords – CIA ‘Operations’ – Involvement, In The Drug Smuggling  Trade
85 Percent, of The Heroin Produced In The Country of Afghanistan, Are Shipped Out By The U.S. Government:
The U.S. CIA and DEA Smuggle Tons of Drugs, (Heroin and Cocaine) Into The United States Each Year
U.S. Troop Involvement In Heroin and Cocaine Smuggling
U.S. Troops In Stationed In Afghanistan, Assist In The Heroin Cultivation, Guarding and Smuggling
U.S. Troops Help Cultivate and Guard Opium Fields In 
U.S. Army Cpl. Pat Tillman: The Real Story, Behind U.S. Involvement In The Heroine Drug Trade In Afghanistan
Wachovia and Wells Fargo Banks, Caught Laundering Heroin and Cocaine Money (Still, No One Get’s in Trouble …)
Bank$ter$ Caught Laundering Billions In Heroin and Cocaine Money (AGAIN, No One, Get’s in Trouble)
U.S./World Bank Involvement In Heroin and Cocaine 
Sham/Corrupt “War on Drugs” 50 Years of CIA Drugs   (PatriotNetworkTV)
Guns/Drug Smuggling, By The U.S. Government, Didn’t Start With The Bush or Obama Administrations, … This Type of Criminal, Government Corruption Started, A LONG Time Ago.
“The Mena Connection”
(Bush Sr., Clinton, and Criminal CIA Drug Smuggling”)
This 1995 Documentary, Details U.S. government involvement, in Criminal, (covert) activities, such as drug smuggling/dealing, Government and ‘Federal’ Reserve, Bank-sanctioned, money-laundering, (AND, ‘Gun Running’) as well as, the subsequent cover-up(s) during (and after) the fact.


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