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The Ongoing Hoax That IS … “The War on Terror” — The Paul’s Speech In Austin, Texas — DHS Planning To Wage ‘Hot War’ Against Americans

The Alex Jones’ Show: Sunday, May 13, 2012
No video is available, as this was a compilation of interviews from the past week] On this Sunday, re-broadcast(s) edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex breaks down the ongoing hoax, that IS, The War on Terror, with focus on the the CIA — Catching the CIA, in the latest Al Qaeda plot, — admittedly led by a CIA informant.
Clearly, the globalists will tell any lie, to keep the population in fear, while complicit in the violation of their own rights. Later, Alex plays a key speech from presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul, while he was campaigning in Austin, Texas, as well as a speech from his son, KY. Senator Rand Paul, as the ‘flame of liberty,’ becomes a family affair. Doug Hagmann discusses the impending potential for a massive civil war, created through government-sponsored crisis, and what people can do to prepare for it, avoiding (or limiting) its devastating consequences.

◊  TOP NEWS STORIES of The Day, (may 13, 2012)  
 NSA and Google Keep Silent, About How They Work Together To Spy On Us: Judge cites ‘national security’ for the reason for blocking disclosure of Google and NSA spy-ties.
 Sources Inside Bilderberg, Spill Cabal’s Secret Plans:
Location and details of “Palm Tree Conference” confirmed.
Government ISTHE Biggest Security Threat In History:
Everywhere you look, governments are bullying their people, in an attempt to dominate and subjugate their population.
The Triumph of The Unreal – 2012 London Olympics And Totalitarian Propaganda In The 21st Century:
There’s A Theory, That London Will Be Rocked, With a ‘False Flag’ Operation, During The 2012 Olympics.


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