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DHS To Grab All Children’s DNA – Ron Paul, Race Drop-out A Media HOAX – TSA Frisks Top Criminal Globalist

On this Tuesday evening edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ INN host, Aaron Dykes covers the latest news of the day, including; the Bilderberg Scheme To Save The Euro, as well as their meeting in Chantilly Virginia where the criminal cabal plans, to hack the 2012 presidential election process. Also, Liars or ‘Genius?’ … Gaga, Zuckerberg and Obama Groomed From Childhood for Their Roles. Top criminal globalist, Dr. Henry Kissinger, gets a taste of his own tyranny, with a ‘pat-down’ by the TSA. Cops purchase LTL, (Less Than Lethal) sound-cannon weapons, to be used against protesters in Chicago, during the NATO Summit, under the guise of Providing Protesters With Public Safety Messages. Following the news, Aaron welcomes Infowars writer, Jurriaan Maessen to the show, to talk about how the U.S. and Canada are Implementing ‘Beyond the Border Perimeter Security’ Initiatives, and how the United Nations and World Bank, are Strangling Sovereign Nations, Into Accepting Global Population Reduction Dictates.  

The Alex Jones’ Show: Tuesday, May 15, 2012 On this Tuesday edition of the Alex Jones’ Show, Alex covers the Bilderberg meeting coming up in Virginia, which will revolve around how the criminal elite plan, to address the issue, threatening to bring their ‘agenda’ for global governance crashing down – the ‘Euro’ crisis.
Alex then talks with a whistleblower, (from a major defense contractor) who has details on the Department of Homeland Security’s effort, to shift the bogus War on Terror from Muslims, to war against the American people. Also covered, more aggressive moves by TSA, to crank up their groping and deadly radiation scans, as increasing numbers of Americans, legitimately voice their outrage over their brazen, Nazi-like Gestapo Tactics.

◊       TOP NEWS STORIES of The Day          

Department of Homeland ‘Security’ Prepares to Grab DNA From Kids: DHS plans to collect DNA from children, 14 years old and up — without a search warrant or criminal prosecution.
UN & World Bank Strangle Sovereign Nations Into Accepting Global Population Reduction Dictates:
In order to qualify for World Bank lending, sovereign nations must implement population reduction objectives.

OKC and 9/11 Investigator Victim of a Set-Up?
FBI agent investigating OKC bombing, busted for child pornography.

Ron Paul NOT Suspending Campaign, It IS — A Media Hoax:
Memo outlines strategy for influencing party platform at RNC.
U.S. and Canada Implementing Beyond Border Perimeter Security Initiatives: Enhanced integrated law enforcement and information sharing cooperation which has raised many privacy concerns.
Chicago Cops Buy Sound Cannon “To Provide Protesters With Public Safety Messages” As NATO summit nears, Chicago law enforcement doubles up on unconstitutional crowd control tactics.
Radio Host, Laura Ingraham, Describes “Heartbreaking” TSA ‘Pat-Down’ of Double Amputee Veteran:
Radio-host feared arrest by TSA, for photographing incident.
Evidence TSA IS, A Mindless Machine – Criminal Globalist, Dr. Henry Kissinger Gets Pat-down: TSA oblivious to who our criminal, globalist, elitest leaders and, their prized minions are.

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