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Bilderberg Agenda Attracts National Exposure And Their Plan To Attack Iran – The Continued Outing of The Imposter, Barry Soetoro

The Alex Jones’ Show: Sunday, May 20, 2012 On the Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the global criminal elite on the run, as the establishment media’s forced to report on the Bilderbergers and their noxious plan, to finally unfold a devastating attack on Iran, undermine the internet with government censorship and, sell the public on more trillions in bankster ‘bailouts’ and punitive carbon taxes, under the discredited cover of ‘saving the earth.’ Alex talks with Webster Griffin Tarpley, [W/S] and  Dr. Jerome R. Corsi, [W/S] (author of; Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case that Barack Obama, is not Eligible to be President) about the continued (and long overdue) outing of the imposter, Kenyan-bornBarry Soetoro Obama‘ and the G8 in Chicago, that’s transformed the Windy City into a repressive police state, where political activists disappear and patsies are set-up as terrorists, to further the bogus War On Terror and it’s ever-growing, Orwellian control grid.
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Bilderberg Agenda Attracts National Exposure:
Romney policy advisors on defensive over secretive group’s power.
Guns Drawn on Journalists, Car Raided at NATO Summit:
Luke Rudkowksi, Tim Pool, Jeoff Shively, Dustin & Jess were driving home after covering the NATO protest in Chicago, only to have their car raided by police.

Men Arrested In Chicago Terror Plot For … Making BEER!
Yes, the police say because the men stayed with a man who had home-brew making equipment, that they are terrorists. This is the same state were you can get ‘life in prison,’ for filming the mafia run/owned police in public.
G8 Confab Calls for Action Against Iran, North Korea:
Declares more sanctions are in order.
Politico: ‘Marco Rubio as Vice President: the Bilderberg Conspiracy’ Politico’s Kenneth Vogel dismisses Alex and Infowars’ coverage of Bilderberg as ‘conspiracy theories.’
Obama Impeachment Bill Gaining Steam:
Obama’s The FIRST Sitting President, To EVER (Illegally) Join A Foreign Governing Body, While Still In Office.


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