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“The Weather Underground” (A Documentary)

The Weather Underground (A Documentary) A group of  American radicals called The Weathermen, announced their intention to overthrow the U.S. government. Seeming to be fueled by outrage over the Vietnam War and racism in America, they went underground, (in ‘witness protection’ programs) during the 1970s, allegedly bombing targets across the country. This carefully organized clandestine network, That WAS, (in Fact) a CIA Creation, attempted to incite a national revolution, while successfully evading one of the largest controlled FBI manhunts in history. This award-winning documentary, interweaves extensive archival material with modern-day interviews, to explore the incredible story of The Weather Underground. Former members reflect on the idealism, that drove them to bring the war home, while painting a compelling portrait of unexpected and often striking connections and plans for the current situation in America: The Plan To Help Groom Barry Soetoro Obama For The Office, of The President of The United States of America. To Then Turn America, Into A Communist/Fascist Police State, and Kill Off, (At LEAST) 26 Million American Citizens, Who Resist Their Ideology.

Hello. …
I’m going to read a declaration of a state of war.
Within the next 14 days, we will attack a symbol,
or institution of American injustice.

— Bernardine Dohrn
(Dohrn & Ayers: Were Leaders of “The Weather Underground)
It Does Beg The Question;
Why Weren’t Ayers and Dorn Convicted of Terrorism?

(Given the Choice, Liberals Would Rather Kill Whitey)


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