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Former MS. Senator, Trent Lott Flips In Favor of United Nations’ “Law of The Sea” Treaty – TSA Goonish Gestapo Gropers Trained To Feel Crotches Following Zany, False-flag Al-Qaeda Bomb Plot

On this Tuesday evening edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ Infowars investigative reporter and INN host, Jon Bowne covers the latest news of the day, including; America’s for sale — and, the Chinese are buying! (The “Bank for International Settlements” suggest, United States assets represent 60-70 percent of the Chinese reserves.) Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s cold-case Posse, is headed o Hawaii, to investigate more about PBO’s bogus birth certificate. Former MS. Senator, Trent Lott, Flips on The United Nations’ Law of The Sea Treaty, which he vehemently opposed, in 2007 (See May 13, 2012 – CNS’ News Article). Jon also sits in studio and talks with founding member of the Houston Free Thinkers and, partner with We Are Change Houston, Derrick Broze. Derrick details undercover TSA agents, working the Metro rail and bus system in Houston, as Obama’s Gestapo agency, moves from sexually molesting passengers in America’s airports, to other modes of transportation.

The Alex Jones’ Show: Tuesday, May 22, 2012 On this Tuesday edition of the Alex Jones’ Show,’ Alex talks about the continued outrages of the TSA, as its goonish Gestapo gropers and sexual molesters are now trained to feel up crotches for terrorist bombs, following yet another zany false-flag, al-Qaeda bomb plot. He also takes a look at the video of a school teacher, who launches into an irrational tirade, after a student dared to make mild criticism of Barry Obama. Alex updates the latest on Obama’s Kenyan birth and covers ‘cops gone wild,’ as they confiscate money, (and more) from motorists and other shakedown operations.
◊        TOP News Stories of The Day         

Surveillance Drone Industry Prepares Propaganda Blitz:
PR campaign will bombard Americans with positive propaganda messages, about spying on you with technology, used by the military, against … The Enemy.

Feds Fine Utah School for Soda Machine, Declare Snickers Bars Nutritious: But says Snickers and Milkyway bars are nutritious.
Pistole: TSA Gropers Being Trained To Feel For Crotch Bombs:
Agency head admits $1 billion body scanner program may fail.
Facebook IPO – CIA and Goldman Sachs Take the Suckers for a Stroll: Stasibook takes on a side project — to enrich insiders while taking the outsiders to the cleaners.
TSA Backlash Prompts Move Away From Pat Downs:
TSA looking to develop new wanding-style device for searches.
Trent Lott Explains Support For Treaty, He Once Said, Would Create UN on Steroids: Former Senate Majority Leader, Trent Lott told Daily Caller, he’s not a hypocrite, for lobbying in favor of the very treaty, … he emphatically denounced, as recently as 2007.


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