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UN’s 2012 “Earth Summit” Devised To Disembowel Sovereignty And Impose Absolute Rule

The United Nations’ 2012 “Earth Summit”
Devised To Disembowel Sovereignty And Impose Absolute Rule
(Article By Jurriaan Maessen @ ExplosiveReports.Com)
     In the run up to the next Earth Summit to be held in Rio in June of this year, the global leviathan, that is the United Nations’ bares its teeth. A continuing stream of publications, is pouring down from every corner of the transnational community, in essence calling for global governance of the environment, as well as a stark reduction in the global human population. These two items are very much intertwined, (according to the growing pile of UN papers flying from the supranational tree) all basically stating, that the first is necessary in order to facilitate the latter.

    One of these leaves circles down to us from the United Nations Environmental Programme, (UNEP) displays a collection of “key messages” written by the usual suspects, such as dedicated man-hater Paul Ehrlich, eco-terrorist James Lovelock and NASA’s own mad-as-hell environmentalist James Hansen. Their joint statement titled Environment and Development Challenges: The Imperative to Act was clearly designed to inspire the UN and its upcoming confab to make haste with global government. In their manifesto the impatient fiends call for a global implementation of population policies and rights being trampled upon in order to address what they call “the population issue” (Grab The ‘REST of The Story’ HERE!)
Ancient Roots of Bilderberg, Reveal Prusso-Teutonic Agenda For World Domination


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