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Anti-NWO Americans, Are Targets of Obama’s Secret “KILL List” (State-sponsored Assassination Program) – Onward To Bilderberg 2012

On this Tuesday evening edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ INN host/investigative reporter, Rob Dew, covers the latest news of the day. Then later, an ‘in-depth’ interview with investigative reporter and Bilderberg sleuth, (for 30+ years) Jim Tucker, about the May 1st, 2012 Bilderburg meeting taking place in Chantilly, Virginia this year.

The Alex Jones’ Show: Tuesday, May 29, 2012 On this Tuesday edition of the Alex Jones’ Show,’ Alex reports from the road, as the Infowars team gets closer toward Chantilly, Virginia, where the criminal, globalist ‘power-brokers’ will meet for Bilderberg 2012 on May 1st. Alex also, covers the latest news, including the plan by the central bank$ers, to keep Greece mired in economic depression, Romney’s promise to continue stacking up unpunished war crimes and engage in economic sabotage, now presided over by Obama, and the U.S. military threatening to unleash military force against Syria.
◊          TOP News Stories of The Day          ↓   

17-Year-Old Girl, Included On Obama’s Secret KILL List:
Anti-New World Order Americans, are now targets of state-sponsored assassination.

Insiders Report: Obama Activates CIA ‘Hit Teams,’ To Kill Americans Special Report From Stew Webb: Obama Readies Kristallnacht
[Go HERE, To Listen To, (or Download) The Entire Late Night In The Midlands Program]
Drones ‘Shot Down’ Over Texas: Spy Drones Blasted Out of The Sky?!
Bono’s Secret: Frontman For Genocide: The scale of fraud, perpetrated by globalist lapdog, U2’s “Bono,” (and the globalist cabal he fronts for) is staggering.
‘President’ Romney, Secretary of State Lieberman and War Against Iran:
“Barry” Obama, or “Mittens” Romney? BOTH will attack Iran, after the election.

Bank$ers Plan To Keep Greece Mired In Great Depression:
Astounding quote, lifts veil on elite’s arrogance.
Atrocities Made To Order:
How Wall Street and London, manufacture tragedy to sell war and regime change.

Guardian’s ‘Houla Massacre’ Propaganda Stunt, Uses Little Kid
Another case, of reckless ‘journalism’ aimed at selling another war.


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