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How To Survive Fukushima, (Chernobyl 2.0 On Steroids) YES, The Government(s) and Media ARE LYING To You — Marco Rubio: “We Need To Prepare People” For War With Iran

On this Tuesday evening edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ Rob Dew covers the latest news of the day, and welcomes Mike Adams of Natural News to the show. Rob and Mike discuss the latest news on the Rawsome Foods situation. Also, Infowars Nightly News pays a special tribute to Bob Chapman of The International Forecaster. Bob passed away yesterday, (June 4th) at the age of 76, after losing his battle with cancer. A true patriot, Bob Chapman will be greatly missed.
The Alex Jones’ Show: Tuesday, June 5, 2012 On this Tuesday edition of the Alex Jones’ Show,’ noted radio and television host John B. Wells, [W/S] guest hosts the show while Alex co-hosts from the road, (via video-Skype) as he works his way back to Texas, from the 2012 Bilderberg conferance in Virginia. Wells is heard on radio and television stations throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, South Africa, Australia, and South America, and is one of the world’s most recognized voice artists. He talks with Theresa Dale, Ph.D., [W/S](Natural Healing Pro) about the effects of Fukushima radiation and how the media and world governments have lied to everyone about the Chernobyl on Steroids, known as; The Fukushima Daiichi, Nuclear Power Plant Disaster.
Also, Craig B Hulet, [W/S] an expert on government policy, international relations, and terrorism, joins the show, to talk about the unconstitutional NDAA (“National Defense Authorization Act” for Fiscal Year 2012) provision.

[Bilderberg Coverage, With Video Feed and Up-to-date Information]
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Biowarfare Alert: IS A Mass ‘Bio-terror’ Pandemic, Planned For 2012?
Warning Massachusetts Residence:
New DHS bio-warfare ‘drill,’ is set to go ‘semi-live’ in Boston this summer.

Western Banks Are Reaping Billions, From Colombian Cocaine Trade
The vast profits made from drug production and trafficking are overwhelmingly reaped in rich “consuming” countries – principally across Europe and in the U.S. – rather than war-torn “producing” nations such as Colombia and Mexico.
(Search: Western Banks Laundering Drugs)

The Devil Pyramid Rotting Away In Memphis:
The failing tourist attraction admittedly set up by occultists John & Isaac Tigrett.
Congresswoman: TSA Hiring Pedophiles To Conduct Pat Downs:
Federal agency staffed with criminals due to inadequate background checks.
Bill Clinton Relives His Surplus Budget Lie:
Clinton actually added $281 billion to the debt.
Egypt’s Dog and Pony Revolution:
Arab Spring never happened & the dictators in Egypt are now stronger than ever.
Marco Rubio: We Need To Prepare People For War With Iran:
VP favorite shares appetite for war with CFR elite.
War Drums for Syria? We’re on a fast track to war against Syria.
It’s Time To Put On The Brakes.
The Ends Justify the Means, As Cops Illegally Handcuff 40 Innocent Bystanders:
Probable cause protection of the Fourth Amendment violated in Colorado.


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