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Predictive Programming On Parade: Rockefeller Foundation Predicts 13,000 Dead at London 2012 Olympics — Financial Terrorism and The Criminal Bankster Elite

On this Thursday evening edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ Tonight on Infowars Nightly News, Alex covers the latest news of the day, including the predictive programming coming from the Rockefeller Foundation, who in a 2010 document, predicts 13,000 people will die at the London 2012 Olympics. He poins out the same kinds of predictive programming that occurred before the September 11, 2001 ‘attacks.’ Then, investigative reporter, Patrick Henningsen give a special report on financial terrorism.” And later in the show, Aaron Dykes welcomes Abby Martin, an esteemed reporter from “Russia Today” (RT).
The Alex Jones’ Show: Thursday, June 7, 2012 On this Thursday edition of the Alex Jones’ Show,’ Alex returns to his studio in Austin, TX., after a triumphant trip to Chantilly, Virginia — where he helped shed further light on the secretive Bilderberg group during their 2012 conference. He illuminates the inherent euthanasia death cult agenda, put forth by elitists and Time magazine’s recent cover, illustrating the New World Order’s brazen confidence in their own agenda. He touches on the profound impact and damage to the globalist agenda that news coverage from Infowars and other alternative media outlets have helped to accomplish. He also further breaks down the importance of the leaked Bilderberg documents obtained by Infowars.
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Rockefeller Foundation Predicts 13,000 Dead at London 2012 Olympics:
Bombshell Rockefeller predictive programming document details London Olympics bombing event, as well as other dark foreshadowings. A 2010 Rockefeller Foundation document entitled Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development outlines a scenario which results in the death of 13,000 during the 2012 Olympics.
Post-Bilderberg, Attendees Ramp Up Push for Syrian Intervention: 2012 Bilderberg attendee Itamar Rabinovich blames the U.S. for waiting to intervene in Syria.
As Greenback Sinks, Dubai’s Chief Economist Calls For Chinese ‘Redback’
The elites continue to pursue replacements for the dollar.
Scientific Study Links Anti-depressants In Drinking Water To Autism:
Psychoactive drugs in our drinking water, could be triggering autism.
Carnegie Institute Calls For Spraying Aerosols To Block The Sun:
‘Global warming solution’ is ALREADY BEING DONE, through chemtrails.
Vaccine Madness: New mumps jab, cultured from dog kidneys, linked to canine allergies: Eugenicist pharma bosses have repackaged a dangerous mumps jab cultured from dog kidney cells.
A Look Back In Pictures At Bilderberg 2012:
A smattering of pictures compiled from throughout the web.


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