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3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley: In-depth Research Document On Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate — Ron Paul Supporters Decry Rand’s Endorsement of Romney

On this Friday evening edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ Alex covers the latest news and has a special message for Ron and Rand Paul. Later in the show, Alex welcomes Gerald Celente. [W/S] Alex and Gerald talk about the Paul family and the affect of Rand Paul’s decision, to support Mitt Romney in the 2012 Presidential election. Also, Gerald and Alex talk about the future of the American economy. (In my humble opinion, this is one of Gerald Celente’s best interviews.)
The Alex Jones’ Show: Friday, June 8, 2012 On this Friday edition of the Alex Jones’ Show,’ Alex covers Rand Paul’s official endorsement of Mittens Romney. Has Ron Paul officially conceded? Alex gives breaking analysis on this issue. Then, former policy adviser to british Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Lord Christopher Monckton, [W/S] reports from Hawaii, on the latest environmental power grabs and, Obama’s phony birth certificate. Alex also covers major headlines of the day, as well as other world events, that WILL affect us all.
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Lord Christopher Monckton’s Research, Investigates Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate:
Lord Monckton, (former policy adviser to British PM Margaret Thatcher) provides Infowars exclusively, with an ‘in-depth’ research document, he plans to forward, to his fellow hereditary peers, concerning Obama’s forged, (HOAX & Fraudulent) birth certificate.
Ron Paul Supporters Decry Rand’s Endorsement of Romney:
Majority accuse Kentucky Senator of selling out to Republican establishment.
Ron Paul, Don’t Destroy Yourself …
And Don’t Destroy The Liberty Movement You Helped Build Either. … That Goes Double, For Junior Senator, Rand Paul: you can’t win by joining the Lesser of Two Evils, because It Is STILL Submitting To Evil.
Globalists Push Forward With Another New Massacre In Syria:
Latest massacre in Hama has been jumped on by Washington and the UN, despite lack of real evidence that Assad was involved.
End of Peak Oil: 200-Year Supply Of Oil, In One Single Shale Formation:
There’s PLENTY of OIL, and even the criminal ‘global elites’ can’t hide it anymore!
Big Pharma Sales Agent, Dr. Oz Pimps Vaccines on Public, After NOT Vaccinating His Own Children: TV’s celebrity doctor exposed as being nothing more than a sales agent for Big Pharma’s harmful vaccines.
The Darkness Lurking Behind The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee:
As the Queen waves on, relatively few remember the cold-blooded murder which was then used, as a giant ‘psy-op’ on the public.
CT Scan Radiation Triples Brain Tumor Risk in Children:
Children are being put at risk for brain tumors from CT scans.
Lawsuit: TSA Claims It Can Lie To The Public:
TSA Directives Superseed Freedom of Information Act?! The engineer who garnered global press attention by proving the TSA’s fleet of body scanners were completely useless, is causing the federal agency more embarrassment – by highlighting the fact, The TSA Argues; It Can Lie To The Public, For Security Reasons.


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