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The USS Liberty: “Dead In The Water”

The USS Liberty: “Dead In The Water” This week, marks the 45th Anniversary of the attack on the USS Liberty, (AGTR-5) attacked in international waters, by Israeli forces on June 8, 1967, Killing 34 Americans and Wounding Another 174. This ‘event, still remains shrouded in mystery while hidden under a cloak of denial and cover-up, that goes all the way to the top of the criminal government. This BBC documentary, entitled; Dead In The Water describes the shelling of the USS Liberty, which occurred during during the 1967 ‘Six Day War,’ between Israel and its Arab neighbors, recounting the subsequent, (and shameful) United States Government cover-up, which followed afterwards.

“I Want That Goddamn Ship Going To The Bottom. …
No Help – Recall The Wings.”
–President Lyndon B. Johnson, (June 8, 1967)
To 6th Rear Fleet Admiral; Lawrence Geis,
(Sixth Fleet Carrier Division Commander)
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The June 8, 1967 Israeli Attack Upon The USS Liberty

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