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United Nations Envisions Transhumanist Future, Where Man Is Obsolete

“2045: A New Era for Humanity The Global Future 2045 International Congress, led by iconic futurist Ray Kurzweil and held in Moscow in february 2012, lays out a stark vision of the future for neo-humanity where AI, cybernetics, nanotech and other emerging technologies replace mankind– an openly transhumanist vision, now being steered by the criminal elite, but which emerged out of the Darwinian-circles, directed by the likes of T.H. Huxley and his grandchildren Julian, (who coined the term Transhumanism), and Aldous Huxley, (author of Brave New World.) Resistance to this rapid shift in society, the 2045 conference argues, is nothing short of a return to the middle ages.

As the video points out, the group admittedly met to draft the resolution that will be submitted to the United Nations demanding the implementation of committees to discuss life extension Avatar projects, as a necessary tool in the preservation of humankind.
(Read The Entire Article Here …)
(Go HERE, To Visit CC.C’s Brave New World Webpage)

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