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WWII Veteran Hero, Being Kicked Out of His Home, Forced to Exhume Wife’s Body And Take Her With Him

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The Alex Jones’ Show: Tuesday, June 19, 2012 On this Tuesday edition of the Alex Jones’ Show,’ Alex talks with Bilderberg expert researcher and author, Daniel Estulin, [W/S] about the last Bilderberg confab in Virginia and the agenda devised in secrecy for  al of humanity, by the criminal global elite. Daniel’s the author of; The True Story of the Bilderberg Group. Alex also talks about an 89 year old WWII combat veteran, who’s being thrown out of his house in Montana. … ‘Officialdom’ is also demanding, 89 year-old Warren C. Bodeker, exhume his wife’s body that’s buried on his land.
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» WWII Veteran Hero, Being Kicked Out of His Home, Forced to Exhume Wife’s Body:
89 year old Warren Bodeker, is a World War II Army Airborne combat veteran and war hero, who lives in Montana and, who’s being thrown off of his own land and house, by Montana Federal Bankruptcy Trustee, Christy Brandon, and the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Montana. To make matters worse, Warren’s wife Lorna just died of cancer this past year, and is buried there on their land, next to their house. Warren had planned to live there till he died and then, be buried right next to his wife Lorna, on their property at 11 Freedom Lane,’ in the town of Plains, Montana, but now, not only is he being forced off his land, he’s being forced to exhume his wife’s body and take her with him.
Fidelity Investments Funding ‘Synthetic Biology’ Takeover of Life:
Biotech and other emerging technology is jeopardizing the future of the human race.
Syria, Iran, Russia and China Plan War Games:
Exercise will allegedly include ground troops and joint air and naval forces.
Battle To Free Scotland, From British ‘Money-Power’ Heats Up:
Scotland tries to pry itself from the elite’s grasp.
Explosive Activism: “Stop Dictator Obama” Contest:
Poster must stress the tyranny of Obama and his globalist treasonist actions against We The People AND, the Constitution of The United States of America.
NSA Refuses To Admit To Spying On Americans:
Agency says it would further violate everyone’s privacy if it wasn’t a secret.
The Boy Who Cried Wolf:
Is Predictive Programming Being Used To Weaken The Truth Movement? Beware of voices saying the upcoming Games in London will be scene of massive explosions by some activated al-Qaeda ‘sleeper cell.’
Criminal Globalist Henry Kissinger, Campaigns for Romney:
Did Bilderberg Select the Next President of the United States of America?
JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, Heckled as ‘Crook’ During Hearing: 
Protesters confronted CEO of JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon and ‘Federal’ Reserve board member, during a hearing, as CNN coverage shows.


2 responses

  1. Col. Stephonow

    Thanks for posting this story Dan. This an outrage, that this could happen in America. (You got to love the name of the street, where this hero lives … “Freedom Lane,” (a gross contradiction in term) Keep up the good work and fight at home. Want you to know, there’s a bunch of us over here, that follow your work. Thanks for what you do, (maybe soon, we’ll be able to turn things around and get our country back.)

    June 20, 2012 at 1:37 PM

    • You’re more than welcome Colonel. I pray for your safe and expedient return, wherein, you can help protect ‘we the people’ from the treasonous, domestic enemies that surround us here at home. Take Care, and God bless.

      June 21, 2012 at 9:30 AM

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