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Democrat and Republican Senators Bribed To Vote In Favor of National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) — Obama & Holder Hide Behind Executive Privilege Over Fast and Furious

                    Infowars Nightly News is taking a break this week and so, there will be no live shows, until Monday, June 25th. Meanwhile, “the best of” some hard-hitting videos will be shown in it’s place.
The Alex Jones’ Show: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 On this Wednesday edition of the Alex Jones’ Show,’  Alex also talks with ‘freaked-out’ radio host and former neocon cheerleader, Mancow Muller [W/S]. Alex also covers other important news of the day, including the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations, U.S. Senator, Marco Rubio’s vetting by the Bilderberg group in Chantilly, Virginia this year (in criminal violation of the Logan Act) as Romney’s running mate, and Ron Paul’s assertion that he will not support the establishment Republican choice to run against his ideological cousin, fronted by the Democrats.
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Obama Hides Behind “Executive Privilege” In Damage Control Over Fast and Furious:
The federal government’s criminal Hegelian plan to create crime along the US border and then ride in as the savior with new gun restrictions – is now in retreat. Ultimately, Fast and Furious could be the straw which breaks this administration’s grip on the strings of power in the White House.
Watch This May 2012, Mini-documentary on “Fast and Furious”
Senator Robert Portman (R-OH) Confronted on NDAA Special Interest Money According to records, Sen. Portman received $272,853 from special interest (lobby) groups to support the National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA.
Anonymous Attacking Creators (Sen. Portman) of NDAA Indefinite Detention Bill
According to leaked records, the nearly $300,000 in special interest money lobbied at Sen. Portman, could have helped him purchase around $1.7 million in real estate in Ohio. The next lawmaker to receive anywhere near as much as Sen. Portman, is Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, from Nevada and third-ranked official in Congress, who pulled in more than $100,000 less than his Ohio counterpart with $172,635. Among the supporters of NDAA are California-based manufacturer Surefire, L.L.C., who won a $23 million contract from the Department of Defense three months ago. Also contributing to the cause (and the lawmakers who voted ‘yes’) are Honeywell, (who secured a $93 million deal with the Pentagon last May and a $24 million contract this year) and Bluewater Defense, a longtime DoD-ally that produces, among other garments, fire resistant combat uniforms. … When the military storms down your door for suspicion of “belligerent” acts, you can thank Bluewater and Senator Portman, for the lovely ‘flame-proof’ attire, the soldiers will be wearing as they haul you off to the “Re-education center.”


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