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The New World Order In 2012

When the term; New World Order first came into vogue in the wake of the Gulf War, (especially following the collapse of the Soviet Union) it evoked the promise of an exciting, higher plateau of international relations, including:

International security, particularly between East and West, no longer based on the concept of Mutual Assured Destruction (and other equally MAD theories of deterrence) but guaranteed by the reality of a unipolar world, led by the West.
Freedom to travel and migrate for people confined for decades (or entire lifetimes) behind the Iron Curtain.
Opportunity for the enslaved communist economies of Central and Eastern Europe to serve primarily indigenous needs on the basis of market principles, rather than support the economy of the USSR, as required for decades by the Council on Mutual Economic Assistance (CMEA).
Transformation of the economies of Russia and the other former Soviet republics into market based ones.
The chance for Central and Eastern Europeans and former Soviet citizens to enjoy material advantages previously denied.
Freedom for Third World Governments from having to choose sides in the overriding bipolar political / military struggle that had dominated global relations for 45 years.
Optimism among Third World leaders who thought that perhaps they could now devote more energy to improving the living standards of their own citizens (the pessimists feared the opposite, now that their UN votes counted for little).
The assumption that inevitable regional disputes could be settled quickly on the basis of coordinated international action, possibly on the Gulf War Coalition model.
Collective security by the West, with co-operation from much of the Arab World.

This view of a “New World Order” was a rosy one. However, It underestimated and neglected a number of vital factors. The reality of today, paints a different picture.
Go HERE, To Read This Article, In It’s Entirety!


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