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120 Powerful Pieces of Advice For “Preppers”

 Our world is becoming increasingly unstable, and millions of Americans are feverishly preparing for what they consider to be “the end of the world as we know it.” In fact, it is estimated, that there are now approximately 3 million “preppers” within the United States. But for people that have never done much ‘prepping’ before, getting started can be both confusing and intimidating. In fact, the author of this article, gets more questions about ‘prepping,’ than anything else. People are constantly asking him how they can prepare, for the difficult times that are coming. Well, in this article, there are 120 powerful pieces of advice for preppers. No two situations are exactly the same and, almost every prepper approaches preparation differently, but there are some basic principles that apply to almost everyone. Without a doubt, a lot of people that are not preparing now, are going to regret it in the years ahead. … The global financial system is falling apart, the United States and Europe are absolutely drowning in debt, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are becoming more frequent, signs of social decay are everywhere and, world war 3 could erupt in the Middle East, at any time. Actually, it’s absolutely amazing, there are so many people out there, that still believe that “prepping” isn’t necessary. (Grab ‘The REST of The Story’ HERE!)


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