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Charlie Daniels: “Supreme Court Forces U.S. To Take A Giant Step Toward A Totalitarian Socialist Government” — Chief of Staff: “Obamacare” Mandate Is NOT A Tax — False Flags and Conspiracy Theories, Soaring Above London Olympic Stadium

The Alex Jones’ Show: Sunday, July 1, 2012 On the Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the huge backlash that’s forming from governors in response to the Supreme Court’s legitimization of the  socialist healthcare law, known as; ‘Obamacare,’ (The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) and its flagrantly obvious betrayal, of the U.S. constitution. He talks about what this signifies, (in the grand scope of things) asking, if this sets a precedent for government being able to force a tax, to pay to private interests. He also discusses the deteriorating global economy and reviews evidence, indicateing the world IS, (Indeed) in the clutches of the criminal banking cabal.
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UFO Invasion At Olympics 2012 Is Y2K-Style Hysteria: 
The BBC is focusing its new documentary about conspiracy theorists around the premise that aliens will invade London during the Olympics.
False Flags and Conspiracy Theories Soaring Above London Olympic Stadium:
Article examines the evidence Infowars has laid out for a possible false flag event to be carried out during the 2012 Olympics.

Report: ‘Al Qaeda’ Planning to Bomb U.S. Plane In Run-Up To Olympics: 
The plan is not specifically targeted to the Olympics, intelligence officials told the Sunday Times of London.
‘Jim,’ a Police Officer Warns of an “Event” in October, 2012: 
A man called in last Sunday identifying himself as law enforcement and said there would soon be an event where they might be forced to confiscate guns.
Maya Archaeologists Unearth New 2012 Monument With ‘End Date’ of Dec. 21, 2012: Hieroglyphs found on the steps of a Guatemalan staircase, make reference to the so-called “end date,” of December 21, 2012.
Despite Ruling, White House Chief of Staff, Refuses to Call “Obamacare” Mandate a Tax: George Stephanopoulos presses Jack Lew on penalty vs. tax issue, the center of Justice Roberts’ decision.
Charlie Daniels’: “Supreme Court Forces U.S. To Take A Giant Step Toward A Totalitarian Socialist Government” The United States of America took a giant step toward a totalitarian socialist government when the Supreme Court voted to uphold Obamacare.
Rand Paul Strikes Back Against Obama-Care: Rand Paul is the only Senator telling it like it is when it comes to the TSA, drones, the FED, Obama-Care and so much more.
UN Asks: How Many People Could Live on Planet Earth? 
The Tellus Institute, a non-profit sustainability research organization, created “sophisticated human population models” with their PoleStar project (PSP).
Google Shopping Censors All Gun, Ammo and Accessories Results: 
Google sent out an email to Google Adwords customers saying that they are going to pull all Google Shopping results for guns, ammunition, gun optics and gun accessories.
London Police Blow Up Tourist’s Illegally Parked Car: 
He had left a note, telling authorities the car was broken-down and for them to please not issue him a ticket. However, when he returned to his vehicle, he found it had been totally destroyed. Apparently, “anti-terror” police, don’t take lightly to locked cars, that are abandoned near government facilities and landmarks.
Woman Arrested For Warning Drivers Of Speed Trap, With Makeshift Sign: 
Natalie Plummer was riding her bicycle home from the grocery store, when she noticed several cars beng pulled over for speeding. Hoping to save a few drivers from a potentially pricey ticket, she turned one of her paper bags into a sign, warning of the waiting police speed-trap ahead. While she was doing so, an officer pulled up and arrested her. “I was completely abiding by the law,” she told KRTK. “I was simply warning citizens of the situation ahead.” (MORE!)

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