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When Disaster Strikes and Technology Fails, The Great Crash and Depression: Are YOU Prepared For Natural and (or) Man-made Cataclysmic Events?

                   On this Monday evening edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ investigative reporter Rob Dew hosts the show, covering the news of the day. Also another edition of “Ask Alex” is featured, afterwhich, author Matthew Stein is welcomed to the show, to discuss getting prepared for cataclysmic events, both natural and (or) man-made. Matthew’s the author of; “When Technology Fails” [W/S] and “When Disaster Strikes: A Comprehensive Guide for Emergency Planning and Crisis Survival.” Do YOU Have YOUR “Grab-and-Go” Bag? Are YOU Prepared For Natural and (or) Man-made Cataclysmic Events?
The Alex Jones’ Show: Monday, July 2, 2012 On this Monday edition of the Alex Jones’ Show,’ Alex talks with financial newsletter writer and author Harry Dent, who’s also the founder of HS Dent Investment Management,” based in Tampa, Florida.
Mr. Dent’s latest book is; “The Great Crash Ahead.” Other books include “The Great Depression Ahead” and “The Next Great Bubble Boom.”
Alex also talks about the Olympics ‘whistleblower,’ featured (earlier last week) on the show, who’ now revealed his identity. Other topics today include: the Obamacare swindle, designed to decimate the middle class and, the efforts by cops in California, (and elsewhere) to ‘ramp-up’ the bankster-controlled, police state.

                     ◊        TOP News Stories of The Day        ↓  

“Military Industrial Complex,” Fights Back Against Growing Opposition To “Domestic Surveillance” Drones: The guidelines, are a ‘public relations’ nightmare, designed to make the use of surveillance drones, … “more acceptable.”
UAV Drones Can Easily Be ‘Hacked’ — And Control Taken Over 
Iran Threatens to Block Oil Tankers, In Response to Oil Import Embargo: 
Iran does not divulge how it will stop oil shipments from passing through strategic Strait of Hormuz waterway.
Arpaio Set To Unleash “Shocking” Obama (Bogus) ‘Birth Certificate’ Revelations: 
“Breathtaking” information will top previous press conference, says lead investigator.
Influential Groups Push For Declaration of Internet Freedom: 
A coalition of privacy and freedom advocacy groups has joined forces.
Nationwide Campaign Against Obama’s Dictatorial Power — Phase Two: “Stop Dictator Obama” Contest Entries 
Taking the message, (exposing Barry Obama’s Treason) To The Streets.
Obama Wants YOU Dependant, — Upon Food Stamps:  
The Obama Administration recently spent three million dollars to convince us we will all live healthier lives if we sign up for food stamps.
Where Do TSA  ‘Lechers’ Hang Out, After ‘Work’? … Why, At Hooter’s, Of Course! 
(If you see something, say something?!)
New French Socialist, ‘Nanny State,’ Mandates Breathalyzers In All Cars: 
There’s a move, (FYI) to install similar devices, In ALL American Cars, Underway.

                                       “Elektable” A Chicago filmmaker exposes mainstream media’s blackout of the Ron Paul campaign and the concerted attempts to portray him as “unelectable” in this short 15-minute film.
The producers, (David and Jeremy Richter) urge everyone, to share this video.

REMEMBER: Voting For, “The Lesser of Two Evils” … IS Still Voting For Evil.


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