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Obama Admin Participates in Finalizing United Nations’ Gun-Grab Treaty — Guarding Opium Plants “For Our Freedom”

                        On this Thursday evening edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ Rob Dew covers the news of the day, and later welcomes Natural News Mike Adams, (The Health Ranger) to discuss the latest Big Pharma crimes and Obamacare fraud.
The Alex Jones’ Show: Thursday, July 5, 2012 On this Thursday edition of the Alex Jones’ Show,’ Alex welcomes author, journalist, and editor-in-chief of the influential alternative news site; World Net Daily (WND), Joseph Farah. Farah has an expansive career in journalism, having worked as news editor at the Los Angeles Herald Examiner for six years and co-founded the Western Journalism Center.
He gets us up to speed on the latest, concerning Obama’s eligibility to serve as U.S. president and also gives us his take on the recent passage of Obamacare.
Also on the show retired neurosurgeon, author, lecturer and educator Dr. Russell L. Blaylock. [W/S] He provides an expert doctor’s perspective analysis of the unconstitutional Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, known as; Obamacare. 

◊        TOP News Stories of The Day        ↓  

Obama Administration Participates in Finalizing UN Gun Grabbing Treaty:
Critics warn treaty will result in ‘mandatory gun registration’ and eventual confiscation, (we all knew, this sh!t’s been coming for a long, long time …).
Electronic Cigarette Causes Huge Terror Scare Outrageous fearmongering and wasted resources, over ‘health improvement aid for smokers.’
The Fog of Infowar: DARPA Wants To Bust Whistleblowers With Disinformation Technology The Pentagon wants to stop whistleblowers before they can leak any data by enticing them with fake documents and information.
Syrian Hacktivists Launch Al-Jazeera Cyber Attack:
SEA launches cyber attack to fight phony media narrative on Syria.
Taking Down Tyrants – Stop Dictator Obama Contest Phase 2 Nearing Close: 
It’s now more important than ever that we display our disgust for the blatant tyranny and total disregard of constitutional values exemplified by the Obama Administration.
Guarding Opium Plants … For Our Freedom
I require U.S. troops, mercenaries, or British Royal Marines to guard my garden “for my freedom” because opium plants have popped up everywhere.
TSA Demands Bizarre New Power To Test Drinks Purchased In Airports:
Federal agency refuses to explain ridiculous new rules.
70 Reasons To Mourn For America: Every single year, Americans take the day off on July 4th and they celebrate everything that is good about America.


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