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Jail Time For Phoenix Man, Who Hosted Bible Study At His Home

Phoenix AZ. Pastor, Michael Salman, Gets 60 Days In Jail, For Holding Bible Study Group At His Home: Michael Salman, had his house raided by Phoenix Police, (violating their 1st, 4th and 14th amendments) and subequently, has been sentenced to 60 Days In Jail AND, given a $12,180 Fine, PLUS Three Years Probation, for refusing to stop hosting Bible studies at his home. Why, you ask? Apparently, he’s in violation of Phoenix Arizona’s ‘building codes.’ City of Phoenix officials, claim he’s running an ‘operation,’ reminiscent of a home church — but without the required permits. Phoenix court documents, claim he violated 67 codes. Unless the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals grants an emergency injunction, he’ll be jailed.

Salman believes the court’s findings amount to a crackdown on faith and religion. The city maintains that the penalties are legitimate, based on the zoning laws he and his family have violated. However, reporters were apparently unable to reach the Phoenix prosecutor’s office, the mayor’s office, or code enforcement, to obtain further comment.

“They’re cracking down on religious activities and religious use. They’re attacking what I, as a Christian, do in the privacy of my home,” he said in an interview with Starnes. “If I had people coming to my home on a regular basis, for poker night or Monday Night Football, it would be permitted. But when someone says to us, we’re not allowed to gather because of religious purposes, that is when you have discrimination.”

The City of Phoenix had previously Sentenced a Bishop To 10 Days In Jail and Probation, … For Ringing The Church Bell. They also threatened two other churches, (after which, the bishop and three other churches, took them to Court, defeating them). Imagine how much that cost Taxpayers. This comes from the same people, who’ve added a 2% food tax.

Pastor Salman On The Religious Prosecution of Christians In Phoenix: (Nov. 2009) Go HERE, For The Last Video Update (June 28, 2012)
Be SURE To Read The Notations Below The Video.
(Our Prayers Go Out To Pastor Salman and His Family.)  

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